1.24.24 – United States Parents Involved in Education – USPIE

“There’s a Much Better Alternative to School Choice”

By Sheri Few

Excerpts from this article:


This week is National School Choice Week and USPIE’s position on school choice is different from any other education policy organization.

“School Choice Week” presents an opportunity to discuss the consequences of “school choice” policies, which are popular with most Republican legislators and national “conservative” think tanks.

USPIE believes it’s a grave mistake to use government funding to enroll children in private and Christian schools and to support homeschooling.

On its face,
“school choice” appears to be a viable solution for making alternative education affordable for parents who do not want their children indoctrinated through government schools. 

The problem is, once government money is infused into these alternative modes of education, they too will become controlled by the government and subject to the woke agenda that has ravaged government schools. 

In a 1980 court case affirmed by the U.S. Supreme Court, the federal government prevailed over Hillsdale College asserting that when an educational institution accepts students who receive government funds, it’s subject to government regulation.

The safest way to make alternatives to government schools affordable is through tax credits at the state and federal levels. 

The federal child tax credit should be increased for parents who do not enroll their children in government schools and states with income taxes should follow suit.

An increase in federal child tax credits will allow parents to keep some of their money to pay for education that best suits their child by paying fewer taxes. For families who don’t pay any income taxes, an earned income credit model could be applied.

…Even if not initially,
all other “school choice” options implemented with government funding have the potential to become regulated and could harm private, home and Christian schools.

After universal school choice legislation passed in Arizona last year, private schools increased their tuition eliminating the rationale for government money to make private schools more affordable to parents. 

Private schools took advantage of the increase in “school choice” funding to line their pockets, continuing to keep this option out of reach for many parents. 


According to an article in a Tucson newspaper, “… the cost of enrollment for seventh and eighth graders at Arrowhead Montessori, in Peoria, soared to $15,000, an increase of $4,200. 

In Mesa, tuition at Redeemer Christian School rose by nearly a quarter across most grades; families of high schoolers now pay $12,979, approximately $2,500 higher than the year prior. 

Similarly, at Desert Garden Montessori, in Phoenix, middle and high school tuition is now $16,000, nearly 24% higher than last year’s tuition rate of $12,950. 

And Saint Theresa Catholic School, also in Phoenix, reserved its biggest price hike — of about $1,800, or nearly 15% — for non-Catholic students in the elementary grades. Tuition for those students is now more than $14,000.”

the governor of Arizona recently threatened to champion new regulations for private and home school parents who accept government funding under the massive expansion of school choice passed in Arizona in 2022. 

Arizona House Speaker Ben Toma, who sponsored the universal expansion, said
Governor Hobbs seeks to strangle Education Savings Accounts and private education with bureaucracy and regulation. This is exactly why putting government money in private schools is a mistake.

Most Republican legislators follow a particular national think tank for education policy and this foundation pushed hard in nearly every state to pass the latest “school choice” policy they call “Education Savings Accounts.”

It is time for legislators to listen to another voice. 

United States Parents Involved in Education
 (USPIE) has unique, bold and insightful education policy positions that differ from the leading foundation most conservative legislators follow. USPIE’s policies will fundamentally protect children and our country’s freedom.

USPIE’s primary mission is to close the U.S. Department of Education, eliminate all federal education mandates and return local, community, and parental control of education. 

Thereby, USPIE is opposed to Title I portability, vouchers, education savings accounts and all federally regulated choice options.

USPIE supports the parental choice option of increasing the federal Child Tax Credit for parents who do not choose to enroll their children in government schools and supports similar tax credits on the state level. 

USPIE endeavors to help parents find ways to take advantage of independent, private, and home school alternatives to government schools, and is open-minded. 

USPIE opposes school choice options based on “money follows the child” legislation. 

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