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Donna Garner: The webmaster of, who has been my friend for 35 years, passed away. I can no longer publish on and decided that I needed to have my own website where not only I but other conservative writers can publish fact-based, well-documented articles of public interest.

Donna Garner: No, I am not receiving any remuneration whatsoever.

Donna Garner: No, I paid for this website out of my own savings.

Donna Garner: Absolutely not…I will continue to pay for this website with my own funds.

Donna Garner: I will reserve the right to decide which articles I want to place on my website.

Donna Garner: I mainly cover political, social, and education issues; but I also want this website to be a place to post COVID-related articles that are grounded in medical science.

Donna Garner: Yes, I claim no copyright nor authorship privileges for those articles that I have written. However, the articles on this website from other sources should be shared with the proper attribution information.

Donna Garner: No, everyone is allowed to view this website for no cost to them.

Donna Garner: No, this website is meant for people who want to seek out information that they can trust. No comments nor feedback are needed. If the readers do not agree with an author, those readers are certainly welcome to go elsewhere for their reading experiences.

Donna Garner: No, this website is not selling anything but is a place to share ideas, news, alerts, insights, projects, concerns, recommendations, tributes, and announcements.

Statement from Donna Garner: The opinions expressed on this website by other people are not necessarily what I believe. I leave it to the readers to verify for themselves any information posted on this website. This content is solely for educational and discussion purposes. Any treatment undertaken in terms of COVID (or any illness) should be discussed with a licensed medical professional. 

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