1.4.24 – C&C News

“FLA Surgeon General Calls for Halt to COVID Vax – FDA Said He Spread Misinformation”

By Jeff Childers, practicing attorney and writer

Excerpts from this article: 



In more terrific — albeit slow-moving — news, Fox ran a blockbusting story yesterday headlined, “Florida Surgeon General calls for halt to COVID-19 vaccine usage after FDA said he spread misinformation.

The short version was that Corporate Media got badly triggered yesterday when Florida’s Surgeon General called for a halt to the mRNA jabs after the FDA failed to meaningfully respond to his letters seeking clarification of DNA contamination and what the FDA has done to ensure that the jabs’ stray DNA cannot possibly integrate into human cells.

Although it won’t say so directly, the FDA’s answer seems to be: 

So Dr. Ladapo poked the Establishment right in the eye by issuing 
a formal guidance calling for ‘a halt in the use of covid-19 mRNA vaccines.’ 

This created a firestorm of unhinged criticism…Every headline tried to debunk the Surgeon General…

The theory is not ‘discredited.’ It isn’t even a theory. 

It’s a scientific question: Can the boatloads of contaminated DNA in the mRNA shots get into cell nuclei or not? 

It’s not Ladapo’s job to prove whether that can happen. That’s the FDA’s job.

…In an interview with Steve Bannon yesterday, Dr. Ladapo explained the contamination problem in lay terms and made this remarkable statement:

“The evidence has been completely provided by the FDA … it’s a complete disrespect to the human genome and the importance of protecting it … “

Ladapo knows exactly what he’s doing. 

Both his guidance and his letter began by citing the FDA’s own documents from 2007, which clearly advised that DNA contamination can cause cells to be genetically modified. 

Full stop. The FDA said it, not Ladapo. 

Dr. Ladapo just asked the FDA to clarify whether it was lying in 2007 or whether it is lying now?

Some folks see this as “too little, too late,” because most of the jabs have already entered arms, and jab uptake is now dwindling to embarrassingly-low levels.

But that’s not the point. 

In order to get to the next stage, to prove harms and to start talking specifically about ACCOUNTABILITY, we must first cross a conceptual Rubicon: THE VACCINES ARE – OR MAY BE – DEFECTIVE. 

At this moment,
even though nearly everyone else but Pfizer executives and its bowtied shills have long left the station, the formal Establishment position remains that the vaccines are the safest and most effective vaccines in history. 

To reach Accountability Station, the Establishment’s position must change, even a little. Just one little crack in the wall would do it.

So the news is:
Florida has become the first state to officially designate the mRNA shots as potentially defective and therefore unsafe. 

In other words, the burden of proof has finally shifted — at least, in Florida. 

Dr. Ladapo is saying that IT’S NOT OUR JOB to prove the shots were dangerous. It’s the Establishment’s job
[FDA and PFIZER] to prove its approved medications were safe.

In other words
, given the contamination, THERE IS NO EVIDENCE the shots are safe.

The troops are massed all along the river. All that remains is an order from some modern Julius Caesar to start the crossing.