“Devvie Duke for Texas House – An Authentic Conservative”

Opinion Piece by Donna Garner


Devvie Duke vs. Pat Curry -- Texas House District 56 – McLennan County area

COMMENTS FROM DONNA GARNER:  It always bothers me when a millionaire – Pat Curry -- decides to run for public office, funds his campaign almost by himself, pays for hugely expensive ads during the recent national football playoff games, goes around gathering up endorsements without getting people’s permission, and then threatens to intimidate and sue grassroots “little guys” for doing their patriotic duty to alert the public to his background. 

From what I have been told, Pat Curry has done all of the above.

I have battled in McLennan County for conservative, traditional, pro-family values for more than 38 years; yet I have never known Pat Curry to stand with us.

I know with certainty that Devvie Duke will stand with us because she already has a proven record.



Devvie is endorsed by retiring Tex. State Rep. Doc Anderson.

Various comments from Rep. Doc Anderson: 

“My wife Lyn and I have worked with Devvie for over a decade. We know her as a person of the utmost integrity who has a proven record of conservative leadership with such projects as the local unwed mothers’ home administered by CareNet.”

“Devvie is a tireless grassroots warrior who has spent hours in the trenches and at the Texas State Capitol.”

“Devvie has fought to protect the preborn and has worked tirelessly for election integrity.” 



Others who are supporting Devvie Duke for this office:  

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton

Citizens for Pro-Life Action of McLennan County

Texas Right To Life

Texas Eagle Forum

Grassroots America “We the People”

NRA (Devvie received their highest rating.)

True Texas (recommended by)

Calvin Coolidge Project



Devvie eagerly signed the pro-life pledge:  "I promise never to vote for, support, or endorse any candidate for public office who embraces a pro-abortion/pro-choice public policy position.”  

She helped lead the effort to encourage local pastors to show the movie "Unplanned" to their congregations, exposing the immoral agenda of Planned Parenthood.

Devvie is totally committed to one man/one woman marriage and is very opposed to the radical LGBTQ agenda. 

Devvie, as an elected member of the State Republican Executive Committee, has worked to get legislative approval for election integrity, pro-life bills,
and helped to lobby for the passage of protection for minor children from hormones or surgeries to change their gender.  

She has been the Vice-Chairman of the McLennan County Republican Party. 

Devvie was the President of the McLennan County Republican Women (2018 – 2019).




Devvie and her husband Robert have lived in McLennan County for 20 years. 

Devvie was a military spouse; her husband Robert served in the United States Navy for 20 years. After that, he worked for 15 years at L3 Communications in Waco. 

Devvie and Robert started a small business five years ago in which she handles the administrative side of the aerospace and defense consulting firm that she and her husband operate -- Position4Solutions, LLC. 

[Comments from Donna Garner:
  Pat Curry with his millions of dollars touts the fact that he owns land at the Texas/Mexico border and that this gives him special experience with border issues.  

In my view, almost any concerned Texan knows the serious dangers involved with our state and nation being invaded by the illegals. 

Because of Devvie and her husband’s extensive experiences in the military and defense industry, she as a House member would have keen insight into border issues

Devvie and Robert have three adult children and four grandchildren. Devvie and Robert are members of Woodway First Baptist Church and are active in their adult Sunday school class.  

To learn more about Devvie and her family, please go to her informative website:




Pat Curry refused to sign the pro-life pledge.

According to a mailout sent by Pat Curry the day after Rep. Doc Anderson announced his retirement, a long list of people have supposedly endorsed Pat Curry for the position. 

However, I have been told that many of those people were quite surprised when they saw their names on Pat Curry’s endorsement mailout.  

So far, at least 20 of them have said that they definitely did not give Pat Curry permission to list their names; and I have to wonder how many more people did not give their permission to be listed.



A local, experienced attorney has made these statements about Pat Curry and his legal problems:

On 1.13.16, the Third Court of Appeals (Travis County) affirmed a joint and several liability judgment against Pat Curry, as found by an Austin jury, that he had fraudulently transferred assets of Centex Freight Lines, LLC to his company, PJC Properties, LLC for the unlawful purpose of defrauding creditors.

Although Pat Curry argued the transfer was not fraudulent because he held a security interest in the property, the jury held the transfer WAS FRAUDULENT because Curry did not have an enforceable security interest.  

Mr. Curry at the time owned 99% of PJC Properties, LLC.  

The Court opinion sets out the facts demonstrating the reasons the jury verdict against Curry was upheld.  

If Mr. Curry takes that kind of action to defraud creditors for personal gain, what kind of decisions would he make for the people of this district if he should win the election?  

“Pat Curry has no integrity. He is not the kind of person we need in public office.” 



Curry has made numerous donations to pro-abortion Democrats such as Congressman Marc Veasey (Dallas/Ft. Worth area).  As reported by retiring Texas State Rep. Doc Anderson, Veasey is a radical pro-abortionist; Pat Curry donated at least $7,700 to Veasey’s campaign.

Pat Curry has also given numerous donations to
pro-abortion Democrats, including "Act Blue" which is an exclusive Democrat fundraising group that represents the far-left wing of the Democrat Party. 

When a concerned citizen tried to find out where Pat Curry stands on the appointment and actions of left-leaning Republican House Speaker Dade Phelan, Curry gave a typical ride-the-fence answer, "If you don't vote for the winner, you will have no influence." 



Why does it matter so much how Pat Curry, if elected, would vote on the House Speakership?  

When it came time for Republican House Speaker Phelan to name the committee chairs for the 88
th Legislative Session, he chose 8 out of 33 standing committees to be headed by Democrats even though Texas voters on 11.8.22 had elected to the House a strong majority of 86 Republicans and only 64 Democrats. 

Worse yet, here are the important House committees to which Phelan appointed Democrat chairs:
criminal law, business, family issues, and youth health.  

It was in those Democrat-led committees covering critically important social issues that Rep. Doc Anderson said good, conservative, pro-family legislation suffered the most.

We must remember that the House committee chairs decide what legislation gets brought to the floor for a vote. If the committee chair is a Democrat, he/she undoubtedly will deliberately slow-walk conservative legislation and never let it be brought to the floor for a vote.

We as voters do not have to guess what Devvie Duke would do if elected. We already have her on the record.

At the beginning of the 88
th Legislative Session, Devvie Duke went down to Austin and fought to ban Democrat chairs as part of the legislative priorities for the Republican Party of Texas.   

Devvie has already fought for Republican committee chairs because she believes that if Texas voters elect a majority of Republicans to the legislature, the voters obviously intend for the committee chairs to be Republicans. This only makes sense!  “To the victor belong the spoils.”  



1.30.24 – “Texas House: Devvie Duke Backed by Conservatives – Pat Curry Backed by Libs” – from Donna Garner - https://conta.cc/4bgxmDw