10.2.22 – Brownstone Institute

“The 70 Seconds That Shook the World”
By Jeffrey A. Tucker

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[COMMENTS BY DONNA GARNER: I have researched/written/published on COVID almost since its inception (October 2019), originating some articles myself but largely sending out excerpts from highly knowledgeable medical and scientific experts who rely on fact-based, well-documented research.

Most of the people I trust are those who are “in the trenches” treating real people with real COVID and also such sources as Brownstone Institute.

Jeffrey A. Tucker who wrote the following article is one of these experts. He and Brownstone Institute have refused to be fooled by the COVID lies, and they have also had the courage to present the truth – no matter what retribution they might face.

Jeffrey A. Tucker’s 10.2.22 article needs to be read by going to the Brownstone Institute’s website (https://brownstone.org/articles/the-70-seconds-that-shook-the-world/) and reading one of the most significant articles ever written on COVID – “The 70 Seconds That Shook the World.” It only takes about that long to read the article; but at the end, I believe you will agree with me that no other article has ever been written like this one and no other is more significant. I have published only a few excerpts below to get you started.

*NOTE: The first five videos are not meant to play and are a part of Jeffrey Tucker’s explanation; but the full 70-second video at the end of the article does play.]


“The 70 Seconds That Shook the World”
By Jeffrey A. Tucker

Excerpts from this article:


On March 16, 2020, following a long weekend of negotiations and deals about the coronavirus, Donald Trump, Deborah Birx, and Anthony Fauci spoke at a White House press conference for the first time about nationwide lockdowns.

They handed out a sheet of paper – it mostly consisted of conventional health advice – that said in tiny print: “bars, restaurants, food courts, gyms, and other indoor and outdoor venues where groups of people congregate should be closed.”

Shut it all down. Everything. Everyone. As if the whole economy were a nightclub closing early.

This amounted to a full repudiation of not only the Constitution but also freedom itself. At the very least, it was a fundamental attack on the First Amendment guarantees of the freedom of religion because it attacked the rights of Christians, Jews, Muslims, and everyone.

PLEASE GO TO THE FOLLOWING LINK TO READ THE REST OF THIS MOMENTOUS ARTICLE: https://brownstone.org/articles/the-70-seconds-that-shook-the-world/



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