10.26.22 -- U. S. Parents Involved in Education (USPIE)

“School Board Training for Committed, Conservative Patriots”

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[COMMENTS FROM DONNA GARNER: USPIE has been a leader for years in recognizing the problems in our schools and in helping constructively to give parents the information and tools to take positive action. 

As stated today by USPIE, “In a few weeks school boards will be overturned all over the country. Good, conservative school board candidates will be elected, but then they will be required to attend school board orientation and training that aims to indoctrinate newly elected school board members into believing they have no authority. USPIE is excited to share and recommends an alternative school board training that is Christ-centered.”

The good news is that this training only takes 3-night training sessions (2.5 hrs. a night), is delivered online, and costs just $179 (with scholarships available). Please see more information below.]


Excerpts from this article:


Family Policy Foundation is launching the School Board Academy this December – the first national training program for pro-family school board members that will be taught from a biblical worldview. The virtual program will include training in:

  • Statesmanship and worldview
  • Jurisdiction and responsibilities of school board members
  • Curriculum standards and decision-making
  • Controversial issues facing school districts
  • How to navigate the system and advance pro-family values, and more

USPIE has guides and resources on our website to help parents navigate and learn how their local school boards function! USPIE also provides templates for school board policy prohibiting Critical Race Theory. View Resources Here.

USPIE is thrilled to shine a light on Christians seeking to put God back in the American classroom. As an all-volunteer, grassroots organization, USPIE counts on your financial support to promote the newly released documentary Truth and Lies in American Education.


  • Interested school board members and candidates will apply to the School Board Academy via online application
  • Upon acceptance, students will register for a 3-night training session
  • Training will be delivered live, online, from subject matter experts and experienced school board members
  • Students will have opportunity to ask questions and engage with their instructors each evening
  • Training will last 2.5 hours per night for a total of 7.5 hours
  • The cost of the 3-night training is $179 — scholarships are available

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