11.14.22 – Campaign for Working Families

“The Crazy Left, Is GOP Dead?”

By Gary Bauer

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Excerpts from this newsletter:


The Crazy Left

…Chuck Schumer thinks it’s conservative ideas that are crazy and extreme. I advocate for conservative ideas and values every day. They’re not crazy, they’re common sense. 

So, what about Schumer’s claim that leftist ideas are not crazy?

His party insists that men can get pregnant and have abortions. Have you ever met a pregnant man? I’m not making this up. When Democrats talk about pregnancy, they no longer refer to pregnant women. They say “pregnant people” or birthing people” or “people with the capacity to get pregnant.” They are erasing women.

[ALERT: On 11.14.22, the U. S. Senate reconvened, coming back for the first time since the 11.8.22 elections. The first thing Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) announced is that the Dems will take up a bill to redefine marriage (i.e., Respect for Marriage Act). This act if passed would redefine marriage under federal law and would weaponize the left to file lawsuits against people who still believe in the Biblical definition of marriage. We must contact our Senators and hope and pray they will put this piece of legislation in the trash barrel where it belongs!] 

Here’s another crazy Democrat idea. Empty the jails and defund the police. Then, when a person commits a crime, don’t require them to post bail. You just let them back out. That will make things better. 

That’s crazy! That’s why Democrat-run cities and states are experiencing massive crime waves. People are being murdered. Women are being raped. Stores are being looted. But Democrats won’t do anything differently.

Leftists on our university campuses and in our public schools are teaching our children that America is evil and racist. Compared to what nation? This is the most freedom-loving, freedom-advancing nation in the history of the world. Condemning America as evil is crazy.

The election results are unfortunate in more ways than one. Not the least of which is that the left has seemingly been rewarded for its insanity, and will no doubt double down on it.

The fight for Faith, Family and Freedom intensified greatly on November 8th. There will be more attacks against traditional commonsense values. But I am not giving up, my friends!

We know what is right and best for the country. And we must fight for those values. We cannot give up. We cannot give in. 

As Winston Churchill, one of my heroes, famously said, “Never give in, never give in, never, never, never, never -- in nothing, great or small, large or petty -- never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense.”
The Counting Continues
We’re six days out from Election Day, and, believe it or not, they’re still counting ballots on the West Coast, where the results will likely determine the majority in the House of Representatives. 

I was reflecting this morning on the 2018 elections and how many Republicans who were leading on Election Night ended up losing weeks later as the counting dragged on and on. 

That’s when the GOP woke up to the reality of ballot harvesting, where anyone can show up with dozens of ballots and throw them in a drop box..

Meanwhile, we’ve seen Election Day leads in Arizona and Nevada totally wiped out by mail-in ballots, “cured ballots” and harvested ballots.

The on-going counting in places like Arizona and California is outrageous and suspicious. But even more outrageous is the spin coming from the GOP establishment in the DC Swamp. 

Is The GOP Dead?
Senator Josh Hawley raised a few eyebrows over the weekend when he tweeted, “The old [GOP] is dead. Time to bury it. Build something new.” He certainly got my attention. 

The GOP establishment that confidently predicted a Red wave, and kept expanding it in spite of me and others warning against overconfidence, is now pontificating as to why there wasn’t a Red wave. And those same people who were wrong about the Red wave then now expect us to trust them when they explain why there wasn’t a Red wave. 

They have blamed their failure on the Supreme Court for saving babies. Wow! How much are they willing to sacrifice in order to win? In fact, pro-life politicians who boldly stood up for the sanctity of life did just fine.

Their second explanation is that it’s all Donald Trump’s fault. It’s Trump’s fault because he didn’t spend more money on key races. In other words, he wasn’t more involved in the campaigns. But they also say it’s Trump’s fault because he was too involved in the campaigns, and people were voting on him. Which is it?

Donald Trump is one man. He’s not in charge of fundraising for the GOP. That’s Mitch McConnell’s job. That’s Kevin McCarthy’s job. That’s the RNC’s job. 

Mitch McConnell abandoned Don Bolduc in New Hampshire. McConnell and his corporate allies did not lift a finger to help Blake Masters in Arizona. Let me tell you where they did go all out for candidates.

McConnell was all infor Joe O’Dea in Colorado -- the epitome of what the GOP establishment wants their candidates to be: totally non-ideological, bland and business as usual. 

But O’Dea, Mitch’s “perfect candidate,” was utterly smashed on Election Day. His defeat was one of the first races called on Tuesday night. Why would grassroots activists jump out of bed to elect a milquetoast moderate like O’Dea when he’s exactly the kind of “go-along-to-get-along” Chamber of Commerce type they’re fighting against?

That is the Country Club Republicanism that has allowed America to be methodically pulled to the left, even when the GOP wins!

Our culture is melting down. Our values keep getting trashed. The debt keeps getting bigger. The border remains wide open. But they were “all in” for a big fat zero in Colorado. 

That brings me to Alaska, where McConnell spent $9 million to ensure the reelection of Lisa Murkowski, the most unreliable Republican in the Senate, who is actively supporting Democrats and fighting Republicans in her state. But it’s worse than that. 

McConnell’s ads in Alaska trashed a young, conservative pro-life woman. Democrats didn’t have to lift a finger. McConnell did their dirty work for them.

Now Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy and Mitt Romney are going to tell us what we did wrong and how smart they are! Give me a break.
Why Are They Still Running?
GOP leaders in both the House and the Senate are running as hard as they can to secure their leadership posts. They obviously believe they deserve to be rewarded for the fine efforts they made and the results they delivered this year. (That was sarcasm.)

What do you think? Have our so-called “leaders” earned their positions? Should their “contracts” be renewed for another two years?

And what about accountability? 

The Washington establishment wants to tell Donald Trump “You’re fired!” over last week’s fiasco, but Trump’s not in charge. He’s not running the party committees. Will any of the so-called “professionals” take any responsibility for what happened?

A party that shows such disdain for its own voters will not survive for long.

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