“Hamas’ Atrocities, Israel’s Right To Defend Itself”

By Donna Garner

Obama was wrong back in 2016 when he made this statement, and he is still wrong today as he pushes this same narrative: “The sides need to keep alive the possibility of a stable, secure Israel, at peace with its neighbors, and a Palestinian homeland that meets the aspirations of their people.” 

What if another nation told us Americans just one month after 9/11 that we should stop fighting Al Qaeda and the Taliban?  

How can Israel make peace with absolute evil, barbaric monsters?  

Hamas, Hezbollah, and Iran intend to wipe Israel off the earth. They want genocide for every Jew in the world.



Hamas and the Palestinian citizens, who joined in gladly in the 10.7.23 raid, have been taught from their earliest childhood that the greatest thing they can do for Allah is to kill a Jew violently. 

A phone call was captured by Israeli intelligence during the recent 10.7.23 assault.  A Hamas jihadist was talking to his father. The son told his dad what a thrill it was to kill 10 Jews with his own hands and to have their blood all over him.  The jihadist sounded just like a normal, young man calling his parents to tell them that they are going to be grandparents! 

In plain words, this conflict with Israel is not just a “border dispute” between two countries’ borders. This is jihad which calls for genocide of all Jews. 

Over 3,400 years ago, God gave the land to the Israelites from the Euphrates River to the Mediterranean Sea which includes the West Bank (Gen. 15:18, Joshua 1:4).

Islam has only been around since 610 A. D. 

was established as a part of the Muslim Brotherhood in late 1987 – 36 years ago.  

Palestinians have never been given any land.  



*Please see the sources that I used (posted at the bottom of the page) which corroborate the unbelievable cruelty, torture, and evil that is being carried out against the Jews by Hamas, Hezbollah, and Iran.  



Here is what Ghazi Hamad, a senior Hamas leader, told the Lebanese media:

"Israel is a country that has no place on our land. We must remove that country…  We are not ashamed to say this…”

“The Al-Aqsa Flood [the term Hamas uses to refer to the 10.7.23 atrocities] is just the first time,
and there will be a second [attack], a third [attack], a fourth [attack], because we have the determination, the resolve, and the capabilities to fight.”’



On 10.7.23 at 6:30 AM, more than 3,000 Hamas terrorists and Gazan civilians crossed the border into Israel. They committed 1,400 acts of the most barbaric evil murders this world has ever seen.  Besides the dead, some 4,000 Israelis were wounded. 

Hamas is believed to have captured around 240 hostages (including 9 Americans) who are still in captivity. Many are children of all ages, even down to infants. Many are women from teens on up.  They are being brutalized beyond comprehension.  



Back in Israel, Jewish parents (to see if their captured children are still alive) are being forced to watch Hamas-made videos where the Hamas torturers with fiendish grins on their faces are holding the Jewish children. This is psychological warfare of the very worst kind. 

After the 10.7.23 Hamas raid on Israel, Israeli pathologists had an extremely difficult time matching the bodies of beheaded children to the right bodies. Pathologists finally had to resort to DNA samples because they could not connect the pieces of the body parts.  

Jewish children were killed right in front of their parents; a pregnant woman was torn open with a knife which was then plunged into her unborn child.  

Two stacks of ten children were burned alive.

Husbands were forced to watch their wives being raped before they themselves were executed with a bullet to their heads. 

Pre-term babies were cut from Israeli mother’s wombs and stabbed to death.

Women’s breasts were cut off.

Many of the Israeli dead bodies had had their hearts and livers removed. 

Every single Israeli woman who was killed (from little children to 80-year-olds) was raped.  

Some women were killed first and then raped. 

Young Israelis were attending a music festival when Hamas attackers began dropping from the sky in gliders and parachutes. 
At least 160 of these Israeli fun-loving, young adults were killed in minutes. 

A young German-Israeli tattoo artist was kidnapped, stripped naked, tortured, and paraded through the streets of Gaza by Hamas.  

In a video, one of the Gaza terrorists is seen gripping the young Jewish girl’s hair while another fires a shot into the air and shouts, “Allahu Akbar!”  Only the young woman’s skull was found, and she had to be identified by a DNA sample.  



When Israel fired missiles at Hamas in Gaza in self-defense on 11.25.23, it was the Hamas-controlled Gaza Health Ministry that told the world Israel had bombed the al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza and that 500 had been killed.  

When the actual truth came out, it was Hamas’ failed rocket that came crashing down on their own Palestinian citizens. 

Hamas had launched 1,500 rockets toward Israel right down the block from the hospital just before the explosion (40% of Hamas rockets malfunction and often hit the Palestinian people). An audio intercept from two Hamas operatives revealed that their own rocket had malfunctioned and hit the hospital parking lot. 

The New York Times was penalized by Elon Musk of X (formerly Twitter) because the NYT had run a photo on the front page of the newspaper showing a demolished hospital which turned out not even to be a hospital.  

On top of that, the real al-Shifa Hospital was definitely NOT demolished – all bogus reporting. 

The NYT finally had to write a retraction saying that they had put incorrect information in their hospital story.  



Many of the videos and photos of the 10.7.23 raid were taken by Hamas; but it has recently been learned that male photojournalists from AP, Reuters, CNN, and NYT were embedded with the Hamas terrorists. 

This means that as the American photojournalists took their videos and watched the horrendous slaughter of the Israelis, these American photojournalists kept their phones in their pockets and did nothing to try to alert the world.   



The United Nations Relief and Workers Agency (UNRWA) accused Israel of killing 66 innocent civilians and injuring 540 more who, they say, were sheltering in the United Nations sanctioned school.  

However, in the photos that accompanied the UNRWA accusations, there were sinkholes that clearly showed collapsed Hamas tunnels under the UNRWA school.

Hamas has built an elaborate tunnel system all along the Gaza Strip for 300 collective miles; and undoubtedly, the Israeli hostages are being held there.

Hamas built this concrete, metal-reinforced tunnel network that allowed them to store
supplies, move fighters, weaponry and supplies – all undetected. 

The tunnels are highly sophisticated with power, air conditioning, concrete roads, rail systems, and apparently, a completely independent, secure, analog phone system that cannot be monitored by Israeli intelligence.
This use of the antiquated phone system explains how the Israelis were caught off-guard by the 10.7.23 horrendous raid.

Documents obtained from Hamas show detailed plans to target elementary schools and youth centers where hostages could be seized and then moved into the Gaza Strip – undoubtedly into the tunnels. 

These tunnels were deliberately placed by Hamas underneath hospitals, children’s schools, and mosques. Then Hamas puts their weapons, rockets, drones, battle gear, command center, etc. in the tunnels.
Hamas used their own Palestinian people as human shields.  This is a terrible war crime for which Hamas must be punished.



The primary tunnels for Hamas’s headquarters are located in and around the al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City. While the safest route for the Israeli forces (IDF)  would be to drop bunker buster bombs on the site, the Israelis have not done that.  

Instead, Israel’s Defense Force has created a secure, humanitarian corridor from northern Gaza to safer areas in the south through which Palestinian civilians can pass; and Israel even announces ahead of time when the “pause” hours will occur.



The Biden administration pushed Israel to “improve the lives of Palestinians” by, among other things, “issuing thousands of work permits for Palestinians in Gaza.”

In 2021, there had been a total of only 7,500 permits to exit Gaza and enter Israel; but by July 2022, there had been 35,370
 such work permits.

The 10.7.23 raid by Hamas succeeded so well because the terrorists had an intimate knowledge of the communities they were targeting because they had worked there or had intelligence from those who had worked there.  The plan for Hamas to create detailed maps and building layouts worked. 

Hamas knew the names of the Jewish children; they even knew the names of their dogs. Murdered, headless babies’ bodies were found among the dead dogs.



It has been reported that Hamas has a portfolio worth $500 Million and an annual military budget of $350 Million. Qatar and Iran are Hamas’ biggest funders, and Biden just gave $6 billion of our U. S. dollars to Iran. 

It is obvious to any thinking person that Hamas, Hezbollah, and Iran are the evil, blood-thirsty aggressors. 

Americans who value the freedoms that our own Constitution lays out should stand on the side of Israel – a nation that is trying desperately to keep itself from being completely obliterated from this earth.  



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