11.4.22 – Lumen News

“Psychiatrist Dr. Mark McDonald: Public Schools Are the First Step in the Process of Converting Children to the Trans Lifestyle”

By Susan Berry, PhD

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Excerpts from this article:


As the 2022 midterm elections are upon us, the United States is witnessing an unprecedented rise in the numbers of children and adolescents claiming to desire gender transition.

The issue has turned out to be one about which a large majority of American voters have strong feelings, with a new Trafalgar Group poll, released Thursday, finding 72.7 percent of voters say they are not likely to vote for candidates running in the midterm election who support gender transition procedures, such as puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and surgeries, for minors.

The dramatic increase in the number of young people desiring these life-altering transitions can be seen in a study, published in mid-October, in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), that found a 389 percent increase in the annual number of “top surgeries,” or, elective double mastectomies, performed on adolescents between 2016 and 2019.

According to the study, of the 1.6 million individuals of 13 years and older in the nation who say they identify with a gender that is incompatible with their biological sex, 300,000 are between 13 and 17 years of age…

Los Angeles-based child and adolescent psychiatrist Dr. Mark McDonald told Lumen-News in a telephone interview the first step in the process of converting children to the transgender lifestyle is happening in public schools.

McDonald is well-known for his perceptive insights into the devastating effects of the fear-inducing mandates of the COVID pandemic. He is the author of United States of Fear: How America Fell Victim to a Mass Delusional Psychosis and Freedom From Fear: A 12 Step Guide to Personal and National Recovery.

In addition, McDonald is one of two California doctors who filed a federal lawsuit seeking to block a California medical censorship law that threatens the free speech rights of physicians who wish to provide full informed consent to their patients regarding the risks of the COVID mRNA shots, as well as the benefits of early treatment with longstanding and inexpensive drugs...

“I think you need to think about it from a few different angles,” McDonald said about the stunning rise in children claiming to be transgender. “The first is the longitudinal one. And I would put it simply as this: school, therapist, doctor. That’s the three steps in the process of converting the children into the transgender craze.”

He detailed the three steps:

{It starts in the schools, and it is supported by teachers – overwhelmingly female – because most of the teachers in the school system are women, and social media. So, in concert with the teachers and social media, which privately promotes this in different forms – Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok videos, online forums, etc. The teachers inculcate and foster a community of transgenderism, including after-school clubs, transgender closets, allowing renaming of pronouns and actual personal names of the students – all without parental knowledge or consent – which then leads the children to be recommended to a nurse or a clinician, or, let’s say a therapist, at which point the parent then becomes involved.}

At that stage, McDonald said, the parent is placed “in a very awkward position, because the parent is then receiving social pressure from the community, being the friends, and family, and parents and teachers of their daughter or son.”

This social pressure, he explained, is then in addition to that from the child himself or herself, to affirm a new gender identity.

McDonald [California adolescent psychiatrist interviewed for this article] described what happens to the parent when the therapist is introduced into the crisis:

{There’s then the therapist, and perhaps the doctor eventually who’s involved, who then says to the parents in consultation, well, we understand that you are uncomfortable with this. This may seem new or sudden or it may go against some major beliefs. But you really don’t have much of a choice here because let’s just say your son is actually a girl and if you don’t support or affirm this process – therapy, drugs and ultimately surgery – you’ll have a dead son. So, you can have a dead son or you can have a live girl – you take your pick, you choose.}

In a recent study, led by Dr. Stephen B. Levine, of the Department of Psychiatry at Case Western Reserve University, and published in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy, the researchers found the informed consent process used by transgender medical industry clinicians is heavily influenced by LGBTQ activists. 

These advocates of the transgender lifestyle have created a frightening narrative passed on to parents who are told by gender clinic staff their failure to affirm their child’s new identity could result in his or her suicide.

Levine and his colleagues agree that suicide among teens who identify as another gender is significantly elevated compared to the general population of young people, but add:

{However, the “transition or die” narrative, whereby parents are told that their only choice is between a “live trans daughter or a dead son” (or vice-versa), is both factually inaccurate and ethically fraught. Disseminating such alarmist messages hurts the majority of trans-identified youth who are not at risk for suicide. It also hurts the minority who are at risk, and who, as a result of such misinformation, may forgo evidence-based suicide prevention interventions in the false hopes that transition will prevent suicide.}

“The ‘transition or die’ narrative regards suicidal risk in trans-identified youth as a different phenomenon than suicidal risk among other youth,” the researchers noted. “Making them an exception falsely promises the parents that immediate transition will remove the risk of suicidal self-harm.”

Levine noted LGBTQ-activist inspired “studies” that feature “biased online samples that rely on self-report” have warned of an “alarmingly high risk of suicide.” 

Among the reporters of such “evidence” cited by Levine is The Trevor Project, an activist organization that was recently promoted in an interview by transgender U.S. Assistant Secretary for Health Dr. Rachel (born Richard) Levine at National Public Radio (NPR).

Quote from Dr. Stephen B. Levine, of the Department of Psychiatry at Case Western Reserve University: 

{“So, now, the parent is under professional pressure, pressure from the therapist or doctor, who’s in a position of authority, and the social pressure, laterally, and then the vertical pressure from the child,” McDonald summarized. “And, so the parents, mother or father, usually mother because the mother is the one most likely to be involved, will cave and they’ll give in to this process. And perhaps they’ll form a compromise and they’ll do maybe therapy and maybe some hormone blockers but no surgeries, until it then becomes impossible to actually take the kid back because the kid is so far gone physically and emotionally.”}

Most of the gender ideology indoctrination is happening in government schools, McDonald [California adolescent psychiatrist interviewed for this article] asserted. When asked what he recommends to families who request recommendations about education settings for their children, he said he fully supports parents removing their children from public school and finding other settings, including homeschooling and microschools.

“There are rare exceptions in small communities where the schools are perhaps a charter, where the parents have a lot of say, and the teachers are picked by an independent principal who is not beholden to the district or the teachers’ unions,” he said.

“So, there are exceptions, but I would say, in general, if there’s any sort of transgender activism in the school, 1619 Project activism, Black Lives Matter activism, eco activism, any of this – what I call, the anti-human movement – because all of this is really a protest movement,” he said, elaborating on the different forms the protest movement takes:

{Abortion is not about women’s right to choose and their bodies. It’s about killing babies. And it has been even more so recently. 

The eco movement is not about protecting you. It’s about destroying the quality of life for human beings and bringing us back to the Dark Ages. 

The Black Lives Matter movement is not about supporting the rights of black people. It’s about attacking and destroying businesses. And selling chaos and anarchy. And it’s actually a racist movement. 

So, all of these movements are anti-human in general. And if there’s any of that in the schools, including the anti-child movement, which is the transgender movement, then I think you owe it to your children to remove them from the government school, and then either find an alternative school, which could be private, could be religious, could be charter – which is also government, I guess. 

But, more likely, it’s going to have to be homeschooling or pod schooling or community based schooling. I think that’s really what should be now recommended in most cases. And, fortunately, homeschooling has increased in popularity by about 200-300% in the last four to six years, especially in the last couple of years...I think that government involvement has essentially wrecked our education system, and that starts in preschool and goes all the way up through graduate education. It’s not just K through 12.}

What McDonald observed as very important in the rise of a desire for gender transition in children is that women are the chief indoctrinators.

“This is a complex and longitudinal process that has several stages, social media, teachers, therapists and doctors,” he noted. “And, again, I want to emphasize – this is very important. This is disproportionately being led by women. And the mothers are disproportionately allowing it to happen.”

Asked why he has drawn that conclusion, he responded:

{I think two things. One, the absence of fathers. I think fathers have largely pulled themselves away from the marital relationship and the parenting relationship, both because of social and political pressure. And, also, because they’re worried that, if they get involved, that they will then be seen as a misogynist, the patriarchal, white supremacist, wife-beating Nazi. And so, they protect themselves by acting in a very cowardly way. And I think when they pull themselves away, there’s this situation where the mother is then put in a position of facing down all of this pressure without the support of the husband and the father of the child.}

The mothers – many of whom are single, he said – are overwhelmed by what to do and, given all the pressures upon them, as McDonald explained, are largely inclined to rely on their emotional reactions to a stressful situation, without the benefit of a husband to help them sort through the issues and assert their concerns to the school, the gender industry people, and their child.

“So, I think the child transgender issue is born of a larger problem, which is the attack on men,” McDonald said. “The attack on fathers and ultimately the attack on families.”

“And for that reason, I think the transgender incursion into the family has been very, very powerful,” he concluded. Obviously, social media plays a role, obviously teachers, therapists and doctors do, but we also shouldn’t miss the significance of the absence of men, the absence of strong men, and the resulting relative weakness to push back against it by isolated women.”