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“Parents, the Answer To Replace Critical Race Theory – Ken Mercer’s ‘Slavery 101’”
From Donna Garner

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[COMMENTS FROM DONNA GARNER: I am often asked by parents, “What curriculum is there that I can teach my children to replace the Critical Race Theory lies?  Ken Mercer, former member of the Texas State Board of Education and a true patriot, has the answer. He has just published his book entitled “Slavery 101.”  Ken is a student of history and spent years on the Texas State Board of Education battling to adopt fact-based history standards.  Ken’s book (geared for Grades 7 – 12)  is fun to read because of its unique format and graphics that document what really happened in our nation’s history.

 COVID has revealed to parents the CRT indoctrination contained in so many of their children’s virtual lessons. This is the reason Ken wrote his book – to teach all students the truth about their nation’s history and to destroy the faulty beliefs behind White privilege and Black bondage. “Slavery 101” is a must read to help students (and all of us for that matter) to learn to value the sacrifices made by people of all backgrounds to abolish slavery.]



In His New Book “Slavery 101,” Author Ken Mercer Documents the Historical Milestones of “Radical” Christians of the Great Awakening to ABOLISH Slavery in America.

Ken Mercer calls on the Church to  unite for a “21st Century Great Awakening” to abolish and defeat the current global political forces of human slavery.

SAN ANTONIO – At the signing of our Declaration of Independence in 1776, human slavery was almost 8,000 years old and not one nation in the world had abolished slavery. With the “Great Awakening” of the Christian faith in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Europe came the birth of the movement to abolish worldwide slavery. 

In Ken Mercer’s new book “Slavery 101: Mercer Moments in American History” he chronicles the many years of political hypocrisy and violations of human rights that led to a Civil War to end slavery in America.

Modern, politically divisive theories omit how this movement led to landmark, historical events such as the Emancipation Proclamation, three post-Civil War Constitutional Amendments, the creation of the Department of Justice, and the Civil Rights Act of 1866.

Each event was championed by these “radical” Christians who stood up to the politically powerful and violent forces of slavery (often against other so-called Christians) because they believed human slavery was a sin; and we needed to confront that sin.

While human slavery is no longer “legal” in our world, it still exists in many nations. According to Mercer, there are currently over 40 million human slaves in the world, more slaves than at any time in history. Modern-day slavery persists through human violations such as sex trafficking, forced labor, domestic servitude, child labor, and forced marriage.

Americans believe: “That all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” The ownership of another human being as a slave violates these God-given rights, which is something that Mercer is passionate about fighting against.

 Each night, over 40 million children, women, and men cry out for a ‘Moses’ to deliver them soon, very soon. Christians are once again called to unite for a ‘21st Century Great Awakening,’” said Mercer.

 Men and women of faith, this is a ‘shout out’ to EPHESIANS 6 CHRISTIANS to rise up and make a difference in our world. I challenge the Church to wake up, unite, and answer that call for a 21st Century Deliverer, a 21st Century Moses.”

In a world where many people lack a basic knowledge about the history of slavery and its ongoing continuation, Mercer’s “Slavery 101” provides a guide to educate readers and call them to action.

Through an easy-to-follow quiz format, readers can test themselves and continue to advance their knowledge of past events relating to slavery as well as what is happening in the world today.

Mercer also urges Christians not to be complacent with the growth of slavery in the world, but instead to continue to exercise courage to fight this ever-growing evil.

To learn more, please visit www.KenMercerBooks.com.

“Slavery 101”

By Ken Mercer

ISBN: 978-1-6642-2513-8 (sc); 978-1-6642-2514-5 (hc); 978-1-6642-2512-1 (e)

Available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, and WestBow Press

About the author

Ken Mercer is an author, speaker, and Christian singer who resides in San Antonio, Texas. He attended the University of Texas at Austin where he earned a B.A. in Biology. He also earned a B.B.A. in Accounting and Information Technology at the University of Texas at San Antonio and an M.B.A. in Finance and Management from St. Mary’s University.

Mercer served in the Texas House of Representatives from 2003-2007 and on the Texas State Board of Education from 2007-2021.

As a part of Texas’ State Legislature, Mercer worked for hundreds of hours with his colleagues at meetings, hearing public testimony and doing personal research.

The Texas State Board of Education has developed history standards and curriculum for 5.4 million students.

Mercer is an advocate for the rights of mothers and fathers to know what is taught in their children’s classrooms and is an opponent of Common Core Curriculum and the rewrite/revision of U.S. history.

Mercer labels himself as a Christian and a conservative.

His motto and slogan remain “Faith, Family, and Freedom” as he will always stand for his faith, strengthen the family, and defend God-given freedoms.

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