12.12.23 – C&C News

“Seattle Student Failed Quiz for Saying Men Can’t Get Pregnant”

By Jeff Childers, Attorney and Author

Excerpts from this article:


KTTH-770 ran a story yesterday headlined, “
Rantz: Seattle student failed quiz for saying men can't get pregnant.” 

It all started after a diverse 10th grade Ethnic Studies / World History teacher at Chief Sealth International High School in Seattle gave students a quiz titled, “Understanding Gender vs. Sex.” 

The quiz had a series of ‘true or false’ and multiple choice questions. 

…the quiz was just a lot of woke gobbledygook, like testing for proper pronoun usage in various bizarre scenarios, and confirming students’ ability to identify people’s private sexual perversions, such as whether trans people are “always gay.”

the pronoun questions were one thing, but it really went off the rails when it got to Science. Especially questions 4 and 7. 

Question 4 was a true or false biology question with the statement, “All men have penises.” 

Question 7 was also about biology, posing the true or false statement: “Only women can get pregnant.”


The student’s mother, not happy about the F, wrote to the Jason Rantz Radio Show on KTTH expressing her “frustration and anger.” 

She said she reported the events to the school district but was “met with silence.” 

So KTTH called Seattle Public Schools, which bizarrely defended the quiz. It might not be scientifically accurate, but according to a SPS spoke lady,
was “inclusive.” 

SPS [Seattle Public Schools] stated the questions and answers were appropriate for Ethnic Studies, if not in human biology class. 

The district added that the student’s failing quiz score would not be included in his overall course grade.

But the student’s mom, who described herself as a moderate Seattle liberal, isn’t worried about the quiz grade. 

She’s worried about what kind of “science” they are teaching down there, and she is fretting about how the teacher will treat her son now, knowing that he is thinking for himself and not toeing the gender-bender line.  

The mom told KTTH that various SPS teachers have already called her son, “f****d and racist,” a “product of the patriarchy that teaches young boys not to care about anything,” and advised him that “he shouldn’t use the term straight to identify as because it's offensive.”

What is the actual point of public school if it teaches kids women have penises and men get pregnant? 

That will just hopelessly confuse an already-difficult sex-ed situation. 

How did the teacher pass her own science classes? 

Where does she think kids come from? 

How confused are the Seattle Public School administrators? Do they think bees make nests and birds make honey?