12.15.22 – DailyWire.com

“Transgender Student Charged for Alleged Violent Assault of Two Girls in School Bathroom”
The incident occurred at an Oklahoma high school.
By Mairead Elordi

A man sitting on the floor of his bathroom

Excerpts from this article:


A transgender high school student has been charged after allegedly assaulting two female students in the girls bathroom at an Oklahoma high school, leaving them with injuries.

The alleged incident occurred on October 26 at Edmond Memorial High School, just north of Oklahoma City, according to the police report, which was obtained by the feminist outlet Reduxx.

A police officer responded to the school at around 8 a.m. to reports of a fight. He found a female student in the nurse’s office who had suffered injuries to her face and head, including “several red areas” on her face. Both of her eyes were starting to swell up, the officer noted in the report.

The trans-identifying student, a biological male, reportedly approached one of the girls in the bathroom while she was speaking with friends and attempted to talk to her, but she ignored him. He then became angry and approached her with balled fists, asking if she “wanted to fight,” according to the report.

The student then allegedly hit the female victim in the face, pulled her hair, and forced her to the ground where he kicked her in the face and punched her repeatedly. The girl indicated to police that the attack was forceful enough to prevent her from fighting back.

The girl’s friends witnessed the alleged incident and pleaded with the trans-identifying student to stop. When one of the girls attempted to stop the attacker, she was allegedly punched twice on the left side of her face. She was left with injuries to her “eye, face, and head with a possible concussion,” according to the police report.

One of the friends who witnessed the alleged attack said that the girl who tried to stop the attacker felt that her friend’s life was at risk because the attacker “is a man.”

One witness said the trans-identifying student repeatedly hit the victim, who did not fight back, and “knocked her out clean on the floor.” Another witness said she had wanted to step in and stop the attack.

Police also spoke with the trans-identifying student, who said he had started talking to the victim because he was trying to “pay her back” for clothes he had stolen from her. The alleged attacker’s version of events was inconsistent with the girls’ injuries, as well as the story told by the victims and witnesses.

The trans-identifying student was charged with assault and battery, as well as disorderly conduct, and was handed a juvenile summons, the Edmond Police Department confirmed to Reduxx.

Initially, there was some confusion over the attacker’s gender identity, but the police officer who responded eventually located a paternity affidavit that indicated the student is a biological male. When the student’s parent arrived to pick him up, she also confirmed that he is “born male but identified as female.”

Also at the school, the parent also reportedly blamed the female victim, saying she had “made fun” of her child for being transgender.

Another ripple in the incident came afterward when the alleged attacker posted something to his Snapchat story directed at the girl who had attempted to stop the attack on her friend. The content of the post was reportedly unsettling enough that police asked the girl’s parents if they wanted to press charges, but they declined, citing the charges already filed.

The parent of the trans-identifying student also said the victims made “cyberbullying posts” directed at the attacker on social media. Police asked the girls’ families to take down the posts in question.

Oklahoma passed a law earlier this year requiring students to use the bathroom that matches their biological sex, so it is unclear why the trans-identifying student was in the girls’ bathroom in the first place.

“Administrators at Edmond Memorial High School investigated an injury fight involving two students in a women’s restroom. During the course of the investigation, it was discovered that one of the students involved in the fight is transgender and was using the women’s restroom in violation of state law which requires students to use restrooms according to the sex on their birth certificate,” Susan Parks-Schlepp, Director of Communications for Edmond Public Schools, said…