12.17.23 – C&C News

“FLA High School Fined More Than $16 K – Allowed Trans Athlete To Play Girls’ Volleyball”

By Jeff Childers, practicing attorney and author

Excerpts from this article:


Behold this cautionary tale from the gender wars, a tragic story of deception, intrigue, and scandal, that ultimately resulted in a raft of woke South Florida school officials being suspended this week pending disciplinary review. 

…Back in 2021, Florida passed its Fairness in Women’s Sports Act, which bans biological males from women’s sports teams.
It applies from middle school through college, and even includes intramurals and club teams. 

A flurry of breathlessly hysterical lawsuits were filed even before Governor DeSantis put down his signing pen, but they were all rejected by federal judges.

One of the unsuccessful suing families had a transexual boy who was then playing on a girl’s high-school volleyball team at Monarch High in Broward County, Florida. 

The boy’s mother was an assistant coach, which explains a lot of what happened next. 

Insanely, despite the new law taking effect, Monarch quietly let the boy keep playing with the girls, probably under the temerarious theory that, since their lawsuit was pending, the new law would probably get thrown out before anybody could do anything about it.

Then the new law did NOT get thrown out


At that point, they [trans activists] knew they had a problem. 

The boy was still illegally playing on the girls’ team. 

The boy’s mom was the assistant volleyball coach, and she was a litigious trans activist (of course). 

To give you an idea of what kind of activist, according to her court documents, Jessica Norton concluded her son was really a girl trapped inside a little boy’s body when he was three years old.

Monarch officials decided to let the boy stay on the team while waiting to see what would happen with his lawsuit. But the lawsuit was dismissed…

…Monarch’s principal James Cecil decided the best idea was to keep breaking the law. 

So Monarch let the boy keep playing, and just tried to keep it quiet. 

But eventually, the State of Florida found out [because many parents complained].

Last week, Florida sanctioned Monarch High School for not following the new law. 

Specifically, Florida declared the boy ineligible to play any sports until November 2024. 

The school is now on athletic probation. 

Monarch was fined $16,500. The volleyball season was cancelled. 

Worst, Monarch school representatives must now attend humiliating “compliance seminars,” both this year and next, and then must host their own “eligibility and compliance” workshop on Monarch’s campus by next summer.

On top of that, the State warned Monarch there could even be “more serious consequences.”

…Without any notice
, Broward County’s Board members were abruptly put on notice their own jobs were in the crosshairs.

Broward suspended the whole lawbreaking cabal of woke school officials including: Monarch principal Cecil, assistant principal Kenneth May, athletic director Dione Hester, assistant girls’ volleyball coach and IT technician Jessica Norton (the boy’s mother), and head coach Alex Burgess. 

In other words,
Broward suspended all the officials who conspired to keep the boy on the girl’s team for two years are Florida’s 2021 law passed. 

To be clear, I’m not happy about the hell the young man must be going through,
but this case shows just how far the culture has moved in just a couple years.

Suggesting boys shouldn’t play girl’s volleyball used to get you sent straight to Facebook jail. 

To get us where we are now required: a Republican super-majority, the Governor, several federal judges, state officials, and a newly-compliant cerulean-blue Broward School Board. Media tried to inflate the outrage balloon this week but it collapsed limply on the grass.