“All Americans Need To Read This – FDA Should Be Sued for Malpractice”
By Donna Garner

A yellow tape with the words crimes against humanity written on it.


I received the following from a person responding to my 12.1.20 article entitled “Deaths Not Increasing in U. S. Because of COVID” --  (posted further on down the page):

My wife has cancer and, unfortunately, has contracted COVID.  She is in a hospital which is thought to be the premier hospital in our city. The hospital is doing nothing to help her get rid of COVID – no therapeutics, no drugs, nothing.  The FDA has not approved any COVID treatment, and the hospital is following the FDA’s guidance. 

There are hundreds of people in this premier hospital who are being “monitored” for COVID but who receive no treatment unless there are symptoms. The $3,300 per day/per person is being paid by the federal government. 

The hospital tries to keep contact down to a minimum because every time someone goes into my wife’s room, the medical staff has to replace all the PPE.   

I strongly believe that the FDA should be held liable for malpractice and for all the unnecessary COVID deaths occurring around the United States. 


12.1.20 -- “Deaths Not Increasing in U. S. Because of COVID” -- by Donna Garner – EdViews.org -- https://www.educationviews.org/deaths-not-increasing-in-u-s-because-of-covid/

Quotation from Dr. Briand’s article:

“This trend is completely contrary to the pattern observed in all previous years. Interestingly, as depicted in the table below, the total decrease in deaths by other causes almost exactly equals the increase in deaths by COVID-19. This suggests…that the COVID-19 death toll is misleading…”


(1)  What I believe is happening is that sick people are going to the hospitals and while there are tested for COVID. Because of the contagious nature of COVID, many tests are coming back positive even though the person may be dying from other causes.  Because hospitals receive federal funding for COVID cases, the patients are listed as COVID; and if they die, they are listed as COVID deaths.  Hospitals are hurting financially because of the many people who have stayed home because of the lockdowns. To stay in business, I believe they have decided to list almost everyone as “COVID” to get the federal funding.  

(2)  To compound the problem, people who have not gone for their regular heart and cancer checkups out of COVID fears are now experiencing spiraling levels of hospitalizations; however, as Briand’s data has shown, these people are not COVID patients but are listed as COVID on their death certificates.   

(3)  The COVID fear is being promoted by the constant use of the word “cases” by the news media and public health hierarchy for political reasons. A “case” has always meant that the person has symptoms of a disease.  However, under the COVID guidelines, a “case” can be a person who never even has any symptoms.  

(4)  Also the number of cases is calculated based upon the number of COVID tests administered. With so many COVID testing options now available, the same person may go for three or four different COVID tests.  This means that one person can equal three or four “cases” even though the person may never be ill with COVID.  The person is going to take a trip…he/she gets a COVID test. That same person is going to have a medical procedure…he/she gets a COVID test.  That same person’s grandson catches COVID…he/she gets a COVID test. That same person has a runny nose and a cough…he/she gets a COVID test.  Four separate COVID “cases” are reported, yet that same person may never have COVID. 

It is completely understandable then that the number of “cases” across the United States is increasing; but as shown by Briand’s statistical analysis, the number of deaths by COVID is no higher than the normal number of natural deaths in the U. S. per year.  Normal deaths are being branded as COVID for reasons I have already discussed above.  The number of hospitalizations may also be increasing, but they are not because of COVID illnesses.


*I am being forced to use the initials “I” and “H” to get this e-mail through the Big Tech censors – hope it works…


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