“Money-Making Theorists vs. Experienced Teachers Who Teach Reading Correctly”

By Donna Garner

A man in a suit holding onto some money

I have been trying to simplify the three recent articles in The Hechinger Report dealing with “the reading wars” to alert the public to the desperation move on the part of the whole language crowd.  

 Publishers such as Heinemann and whole-language authors, professors, and curriculum directors are losing their grip and are in panic mode.  What to do…publish some attack articles against phonics and such researchers as Emily Hansford.  

I am very glad that these whole-language proponents (58 professors, authors, curriculum directors) have signed their names and titles at the end of the article (https://hechingerreport.org/opinion-a-call-for-rejecting-the-newest-reading-wars/) because with one quick glance, it is easy for all of us to see that these are the very people who are now “out of power” and are not able to push their false narrative any longer. They are also the ones who made millions over selling their whole-language products built upon fallacies. As phonemic awareness/phonics is gaining success, the whole language crowd is losing its grip and its money stream both at the same time.   

 The 650 former and current teachers’ list at the end of the 11.29.22 article (https://hechingerreport.org/opinion-for-the-students-we-wish-wed-taught-better/) is highly indicative of the people who are actually teaching and/or working with children closely.  They see on a daily basis that students who are learning phonemic awareness/phonics skills systematically are becoming independent, proficient students who love their books.

 Any thinking person can clearly see the difference between the two groups of people – (1) the teachers working with real children in real classrooms -- teachers who legitimately care about students becoming good readers so that doors of opportunity will be opened to them VS. (2) the money-makers who are motivated by power and big bucks.

 11.10.22 – “A Company Has Made Millions Selling Books on Reading Instruction Rooted in Bad Science” – by Emily Hanford – The Hechinger Report -- https://hechingerreport.org/a-company-has-made-millions-selling-books-on-reading-instruction-rooted-in-bad-science/

 11.18.22 -- “A Call for Rejecting the Newest Reading Wars” – Letter to the Editor – The Hechinger Report -- https://hechingerreport.org/opinion-a-call-for-rejecting-the-newest-reading-wars/  (list of 58 professors, authors and curriculum developers) 

 11.29.22 – Opinion: For the Students We Wish We’d Taught Better” – Letter to the Editor -- https://hechingerreport.org/opinion-for-the-students-we-wish-wed-taught-better/ (list of 650 current and former teachers)