2.1.24 – Campaign for Working Families

“64 Times Biden Has Gutted Border Security” 

By Gary Bauer

COMMENTS FROM DONNA GARNER: Elections are this year -- 2024. Unfortunately, there is no way to guarantee that all voters’ ballots will be counted; but one thing is for sure, we KNOW what will happen if we do NOT vote to boot Biden and his cabal out of office.

The surest way to turn our country around from this invasion by illegals is to elect Trump at the top of the ticket. 

We do not have to guess what he would do if elected again because he has already done it once as shown by his amazing and well-documented record – 1.1.21 – LEST WE FORGET:



Excerpts from this article:  

End Of Day - 2/1/2024 - Confronting Communist China, Persecution In America, Biden's Open Borders (mailchi.mp)

If you need any more evidence that the left is all in on open borders, here you go. 

  • The House of Representatives passed a bill creating stiff penalties for illegal aliens who flee Border Patrol agents during dangerous, high-speed chases. Nearly three-quarters of House Democrats voted against the bill.


  • The House passed a bill authorizing the deportation of illegal aliens who commit Social Security fraud. Nearly three-quarters of House Democrats voted against the bill. 


  • The House passed a bill authorizing the deportation of illegal aliens convicted of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. More than 70% of House Democrats voted against the bill. 


  • A new report finds that the Biden administration is providing direct financial support, including cash, to migrants marching toward our southern border. That’s an obvious incentive for illegal immigration. Your hard-earned tax dollars are paying for this border crisis, not just here but every step of the way through Latin America!

And finally, the New York Times published a remarkable story today about Mexico’s immigration restrictions. Here’s what the Times wrote in its morning newsletter:


“Mexico’s recent efforts offer a reminder: Stricter enforcement of immigration laws really does tend to reduce migration flows. . .


“The security of the border both directly and indirectly affects migration flows. In the short term, a less porous border allows fewer people to enter the U.S.  . . . Longer term, a more secure border changes the calculation for people contemplating a harrowing journey toward the U.S.”


Even the left-wing New York Times gets it. Border security works! 

This obvious logic has not eluded the Biden administration for the past three years. They have deliberately gutted enforcement of our immigration laws and undermined our border security.


In fact, Speaker Mike Johnson has posted a list of 64 times [https://www.speaker.gov/wp-content/uploads/2024/01/Biden-Admin-Actions-Undermining-Border-Security.pdf ] that Joe Biden took executive action to open the borders.

If Biden were serious about border security now, he would stop blaming Republicans in Congress and start reversing every one of those 64 actions.


But Biden is not serious. Instead, he’s trying to deflect blame by calling for a “deal” he knows will never happen.

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