“Florida Grand Jury Report: Lockdowns, Social Distancing, Masks Did Not Follow Accepted Science”

From Donna Garner

By order of Gov. Ron DeSantis and the Florida Supreme Court a Grand Jury was empaneled. It began its deliberations in June of 2023. 

The report is about 30 pages long and deals with how the Grand Jury was formed, its powers, definition of terms, and a final assessment of the Non Pharmaceutical Interventions (NPIs) that were ordered by various agencies (lockdowns, social distancing, and masks). 

The report is written in clear language, double spaced, and easy to read and understand.

NPIs implemented (lockdowns, social distancing, masks) were implemented contrary to accepted science.

The report’s conclusion poignantly observed,
“It is a sad state of affairs when something as simple as following the science constitutes an act of heresy, but here we are.”

Corporate media ignored the Grand Jury report, of course; but on 2.2.24 the New York Post ran the story headlined,
Federal Agencies Refuse To Cooperate with Florida Grand Jury Investigating COVID-19 Vaccines,  Interim Report Reveals. (https://nypost.com/2024/02/02/news/federal-agencies-refuse-to-cooperate-with-florida-grand-jury-probing-covid-19-vaccines-report/)

Excerpts from the NYP article:

In December 2022, DeSantis…requested that the statewide grand jury be impaneled to investigate COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers for potential wrongdoing and violations of state law related to vaccine rollout.  

In the governor’s petition to ​establish​ the grand jury, he argued that a Florida Department of Health analysis ‘found an increase in the relative incidence of cardiac-related deaths among males 18-39 years old within 28 days following mRNA vaccination.’​

The grand jury was sworn in on June 26, 2023, and did not draw a conclusion on vaccine efficacy in its interim report

‘With respect to masks, we have never had sound evidence of their effectiveness against SARS-CoV-2 transmission’ and that ‘public health agencies failed to adequately explain’ the ineffectiveness of masks to Americans.  

‘As of today, our investigation is nowhere near complete. ‘We remain in regular session and our Legal Advisor is actively scheduling future witness appearances. There are still many months and much more testimony and evidence to come before our work will be finished.’”

From the Grand Jury report so far:  

“Since last June, this Grand Jury has cast a wide net, eliciting sworn testimony from a range of both expert and lay witnesses on issues both central and adjacent to the questions we have been charged with resolving. 

We have learned a great deal…and we would like to thank those witnesses who have appeared before us so far. 

Admittedly, however, we are not physicians. Some of us are involved in the medical field, but most of us work in other professions and vocations. 

We have, however, spoken to numerous doctors, professors, and scientists with a broad range of viewpoints on the topics we will discuss below and other topics we intend to discuss in the future. 

In a way, this Grand Jury has allowed us to do something that most Americans simply do not have the time, access, or wherewithal to do: Follow the science.

Our Legal Advisor has sought the assistance of several agencies of the United States Government which have thus far declined to participate. 

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), and the U.S. Army, among others, all had a substantial hand in the contracting, approval, and distribution process for the COVID-19 vaccines at the center of our inquiry.

These agencies have elected not to provide representatives to testify before this body, and federal law prohibits us from compelling their cooperation.”

From Jeff Childers (practicing attorney, author, C&C News) on 2.3.24:  

“Happily, the Grand Jury determined they don’t need the federal agencies. 

There is enough information from other sources, published agency guidance, and Congressional testimony, so that the jurors easily bypassed federal efforts meant to obstruct their work. 

This well-written, even-handed, non-controversial report is the first step toward accounting for the chaotic, dictatorial, and ultimately counter-productive pandemic response by federal, state, and local officials.

Unfortunately, the people who most need this information will refuse to acknowledge it. But it is now in the record. 

Under our form of representative government, the people — not experts, politicians, or unelected bureaucrats — hold ultimate authority. 

This Grand Jury report constitutes the people’s voice…

It is difficult to calculate the depth of gratitude owed to Governor DeSantis and a large number of courageous Floridians, both in and out of government, who contributed to the preparation and publication of this badly-needed review. We look forward to the Grand Jury’s next report with great interest.”

Other reports
[e.g., on the efficacy of the COVID vaccines themselves] will follow as the Grand Jury proceeds at a deliberate and considered rate.

Please go to this link to read the 30 page Grand Jury Interim Report so far:

Much more from the Grand Jury specifically about the efficacy of the COVID jabs will be forthcoming in the days ahead.