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“Great Decision by Supremes in Favor of Free Speech; Censorship by Gov. & Big Tech in Crosshairs” 

By Jeff Childers, Attorney and Author

[COMMENTS BY DONNA GARNER:  I am not a public official, but I have personally experienced censorship by Facebook having been banned for life several years ago because of posting conservative thought.  I certainly never promoted any kind of violence.  

What I did that Facebook thought was so despicable was that I tried to uncover the public health establishment’s COVID lies. 

I also dared to present the scientific data on the irreputable harm that gender modification can cause.  

On top of that I documented and publicized the many accomplishments of  Trump’s presidency.  

Recently when I opposed a highly questionable candidate (a multi-millionaire) for state representative, I lost almost total computer access for many weeks.  

I spent $985 of my own money as I struggled to get my system working again.  

Big Tech finally notified me that there had indeed been “unusual” activity on my account and that the flagging by an anti-spam vendor had been lifted.      

It was only AFTER the March 5, 2024 primary (and the millionaire who was the highly questionable candidate had won) that “suddenly” my computer started functioning again.

Coincidence…I think not!


Excerpts from Jeff Childers’ article: 

☕️ GO GETTERS Saturday, March 16, 2024 C&C NEWS 🦠 (coffeeandcovid.com) 

ScotusBlog ran a very encouraging legal story yesterday headlined,
Public officials can be held liable for blocking critics on social media.” 

It was very bad news for lefty local officials.

In another blockbuster 9-0 opinion supporting the First Amendment, the Supreme Court ruled yesterday that elected officials and bureaucrats who post about their work — even on their personal social media accounts — are acting on behalf of the government. 

they can be held personally liable for violating the First Amendment when they ‘block’ their critics, even from their personal accounts.

The Court created a new test: An official is said to be acting in their official capacity, even on their personal social media, whenever (1) they have the power to speak on behalf of the state and (2) they are actually doing that, (3) talking about their job (4) or politics, or (5) whatever. 

The decision says it doesn’t matter whether it’s on their official government account or their personal account.

Many lefty officials have been avoiding First Amendment liability by talking a blue streak on their personal accounts and not using their official government platforms. 

Now the Supreme Court — 9-0! — has cut that off.



Even better, the Supreme Court’s solid support for the First Amendment in this case also signals that it will reach the right result in the Missouri v. Biden case about the federal government’s fascistic involvement with the big social media companies.

***Missouri v. Biden
has to do with the government’s coercing and/or significantly encouraging social media companies to remove, delete, suppress, or reduce posted social-media content containing protected free speech.



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