3.19.24 – TAG Press Release

“TAG Paxton Wins – Supremes Allow Illegal Aliens To Be Arrested and Sent Back” 

By TAG Ken Paxton

AUSTIN – Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton secured a major victory as the Supreme Court of the United States denied emergency motions filed by the Biden Administration and various other organizations seeking to block enforcement of Texas’s recent immigration law, SB 4.

Today’s order vacates the administrative stay previously issued by the Supreme Court,
thus allowing Texas to immediately enforce the law while the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit decides whether to grant a stay pending appeal.

SB 4 was adopted to address the ongoing disaster at the Texas-Mexico border by making it a state crime to cross the border illegally—which is already a federal crime. 

This enables Texas law enforcement to detain illegal aliens and for judges to order them to return to the country from where they illegally entered. By design, SB 4 allows Texas to defend its sovereignty while not conflicting with federal law.

“For now, Texas has defeated the Biden Administration’s and ACLU’s emergency motions at the Supreme Court,”
said Attorney General Paxton. 

“Our immigration law, SB 4, is now in effect. As always, it’s my honor to defend Texas and its sovereignty, and to lead us to victory in court.”


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