3.23.24 – Westside Church

“The Seven Churches”

By Dr. Curt Dodd, Pastor

Omaha, NE

The Seven Churches | Higher Aim, Inc.

“The mystery of the seven stars that you saw in my right hand and of the seven golden lampstands is this: The seven stars are the angels of the seven churches, and the seven lampstands are the seven churches.”
(Revelation 1:20)  

In the second and third chapters of Revelation, John describes each of the seven churches mentioned in this book of the Bible. The members of each church were in very different places in their faith. It is important that we see where these people were and learn from their mistakes.  

Ephesus Christians were once on fire for Christ, but they have lost their first love. They are not where they used to be. Even though they are not talking about it, they know it on the inside.   

Smyrna Christians are faithful in the midst of persecution, whether it is financial, with their jobs or with their family. In spite of the persecution, they are still remaining true.  

Pergamum Christians are compromising their values for the sake of acceptance by others. They literally don't have a true opinion. They are just like the old song from the seventies – “If you're not with the one you love, love the one you're with.” This is exactly a description of the Pergamum Christian. They just blend in.   

Thyatira Christians are choosing to embrace false teaching, staying in churches because of comfort and stability. Even though the church doctrines are non-biblical, they don't care. They are more committed to the denomination or to the local church than standing on the Word of God.   

Sardis Christians are living on the fumes of yesterday's spiritual experiences. There is no fire in their bones, but no one knows it, except them. Their spiritual reputation from the past hides the present truth of what is happening right now inside them.  

Philadelphia Christians are absolutely on fire for Jesus, wanting people to be saved. They are always looking for opportunities to share their faith and win people to Jesus. This is their one heart.   

Laodicea Christians are apostate. They are more in love with the world than they are with Jesus.   

The big question is, “Where are you?”

“Which church would you be a part of based on your faith walk?”