4.1.23 – Tennessee Star

Psychiatrist Dr. Mark McDonald: ‘Transgenderism Is a Mental Illness -- Murders at Nashville School Should Surprise No One’

By Susan Berry, PhD

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Excerpts from this article:


Dr. Mark McDonald [Los Angeles-based psychiatrist] wrote that the deaths this week at a Nashville Christian school at the hands of a transgender former student are a “logical end point of transgenderism,” since “the response to it reveals an embrace of the denial of reality and inversion of morality that can produce only more of the same atrocities.”

Transgenderism is a mental illness,” the Los Angeles-based psychiatrist observed in his Dissident MD Substack column Thursday.

It stems from a social contagion rampant in American urban centers, spread by social media and the support of corrupt schoolteachers and administrators who have chosen to pursue child sacrifice rather than the education and protection of young people,he explained. “It feeds on narcissism and victim culture, two toxic wells we have been digging for a number of years.”

McDonald assessed that, given these now well-established “two toxic wells,” we can expect we have “a generation of Americans that has ‘identified’ itself out of any possible future not filled with misery and early death.”

The vicious cycle of “depression, resentment, and anger toward” a transgender industry that held out the promise of relief from emotional turmoil, and never delivered, will forever haunt this generation of young people who, ultimately, will seek vengeance, McDonald asserted, relating his analysis to the murders of three children and three adults at the Christian school by Audrey Elizabeth Hale, the 28-year-old former student who identified as transgender:

The disaffected often lash out, especially when they feel they have nothing left to lose, because they feel they have no future to pursue.

Once the Nashville school shooter’s manifesto is made public, we will have a better idea of the specific motivation of this sick young woman.

I expect it will include anger, alienation, resentment, and revenge, all products of narcissism and victim culture, all remarkably well-represented in the transgender activist movement.

The shooter very likely saw herself as a victim while spending all her time looking in the mirror, and growing to hate what she saw.

I doubt we will read one word of gratitude in her manifesto, as those who live in gratitude rarely carry out a plan to take the lives of others.”

McDonald noted that many political leaders responded to the horrific murders at the Christian school by “labeling the murderer as a victim” rather than condemning her actions.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said just days after the shooting rage by the transgender Hale, “Our hearts go out to the trans community, as they are under attack right now.”

Noting the planned “Trans Day of Vengeance,” organized by a coalition of transgender activists called the Trans Radical Activist Network (TRAN), had intended to “punish those responsible for the death of the transactivist murderer,” McDonald asked:

Is this not a denial of reality and an inversion of morality? A young woman murders children in a school, and we are ordered to feel sorry for her while self-flagellating. This reveals a sickness in our society that runs as deep as the mental illness in the shooter.

In this case, the dead children are ‘guilty’ because they attend a Christian school whose values oppose the celebration of transgenderism,” McDonald said.

The Nashville school shooting has provided us with perhaps the clearest example of how denying reality and worshipping narcissism endemic in the transgender movement leads to a horrific end,” McDonald wrote. “This is the logical and only endpoint—death.”

It’s time to accept that we are heading down a very dark road, where the price we pay for preventing hurt feelings is the death of children,” he said. “There will most certainly be more to come.”

Susan Berry, PhD, is national education editor at The Star News Network. Email tips to sberryphd@protonmail.com