4.10.24 – Texas State Board of Education Meeting  

“Comm. of Education Morath Explains Teacher Employment, Attrition, and Hiring in Texas”

From Donna Garner

Today I watched online as Texas Commissioner of Education Mike Morath gave his presentation to the Texas State Board of Education members and to the public.  

What I found particularly fascinating was the part in which he explained and showed the graphs dealing with Teacher Employment, Attrition, and Hiring in Texas. 

“Teacher Employment, Attrition, and Hiring – March 2024”
 – Marker 45:48 at this link -- Admin Monitor - Texas - Texas Education Agency

After you click on the link, please click on the arrow in the middle of the screen, and then scroll at the bottom to marker 45:48.]

By watching today’s presentation, much can be learned about our Texas public schools. 



Are there more Texas teachers leaving the classroom?  

What is the teacher-to-student ratio (which is not the same as average class size)? 

How well are teachers being trained?  

Are they getting any teacher training at all?  

What percentage of classroom teachers went through the traditional teacher education program in their colleges/universities?  

How many Texas teachers are considered experienced teachers?  

Is there a correlation between students’ scores on their statewide tests vs. the teacher training status of their teachers?  

Why are teachers leaving the classroom, and how many of them are there who have decided to end their teaching career?  

What can the TEA, SBOE, and SBEC do to try to guide more people to go into the teaching field?  

Is there a teacher vacancy crisis in Texas? 

What about teacher salaries?  

Is there a way that classroom teachers can increase their salaries through career enhancement measures? 

Is there research to prove that direct, systematic instruction in whole group learning is the most proven form for instruction and delivery? 



Please take the time to listen to the questions asked Comm. Morath by each of the Texas State Board of Education members.

Many excellent questions were asked by the various SBOE members, but these especially caught my attention:

Pam Little asked about HB 900 and obscene materials still in Texas schools –
Marker 1:12:02

Audrey Young asked about the teacher training needed to teach special needs students
Marker 1:12.43

Julie Pickren asked for clarity about the law on the issue of pornography in front of children –
Marker 1:43:13

Pat Hardy emphasized the issue of school discipline and the lack of support for teachers from administrators --
Marker 1:54:15



Here is the link to the SBOE website to learn more about the elected members of the SBOE members’ responsibilities: https://sboe.texas.gov/

This is the link to learn more about the elected SBOE members and their districts:



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