4.18.24 --- Behold Israel

“Israel and Iran: Massive Drone & Missile Attack, God’s Miracle”

By Amir Tsarfati, Christian Jew, Resides in Israel

Excerpts from this article: 

Amir’s Weekly Newsletter (mailchi.mp)

Shalom from Israel! Saturday night [4.13.24] was very tense. There were rumors that Iran was actually going to do something they had never done before. They were going to attack Israel from their own soil….

All the rumors indicated that it was going to be an air attack, and it was going to be massive.


Then it launched. Dozens and dozens of explosive drones began their slow trip toward Israel. 

It’s an 8-hour flight for a drone to cross the airspace between Iran and my country. As we in Israel awaited their arrival, it was like watching war in slow motion. 

But then the situation escalated. Drones were launched from proxy militias in Iraq, Syria, and Yemen, countries closer to Israel. Those were followed by cruise missiles. 

In all,
185 suicide drones and 36 cruise missiles filled the air. The Israeli Air Force set to work, sending fighter jets to destroy these flying explosives before they reached our borders. 

But we weren’t alone. The United States, the UK, and France joined us in plucking them out of the sky.

Then came Phase Three of the attack.
The drones and cruise missiles were not the end game. Their role was to deplete Israel’s air defense system prior to the primary attack – 110 ballistic missiles. 

As I mentioned earlier
, it takes a drone eight hours to fly from Iran to Israel. A cruise missile’s flight is two hours. But a ballistic missile can traverse the gap in 12 minutes. 

In the end, 99% of the missiles and drones were intercepted. Those that managed to make it through caused a little bit of damage to an airfield and critically injured an innocent child.


History was made in the early morning hours of April 14. But more significantly, God clearly showed Himself.

It was historic in that Iran had never attacked Israel before from its own borders…This was the first time in the nearly 76 years of Israel’s existence and the decades of the Islamist regime in Iran that the ayatollahs put their own fingers on the trigger and pulled.

It was historic in that never before had an aerial attack of this type and this size been carried out. 

Again, there were
185 drones, 36 cruise missiles, and 110 ballistic missiles launched in a coordinated assault with the intention to cause major damage and loss of life. 

Some may balk, saying, “Yeah, but only one child got hurt. Israel really needs to temper its response.” 

Let me ask you this –
picture a mass shooter loading himself up with multiple guns and 200 rounds of ammunition. He then goes to a crowded event and opens fire. Several people are struck and wounded, before he is tackled by bystanders and subdued. Do we say, “Relax, it’s not a big deal. It’s not like he actually killed anyone.” 

Or, do we say, “Thank the Lord that this man’s plan to massacre all those people was thwarted. Let’s put him away so that he can never do it again.” 

Iran’s intention was to kill many Israelis, and it is by that intention that they should be judged and punished.

…Saudi Arabia and Jordan also participated in shooting down anything that entered their airspace. 

Saudi Arabia and the UAE funneled classified intelligence through the US to Israel that helped spoil Iran’s plan. 

It’s truly remarkable to see the ever-growing effects of the Abraham Accords, mediated by the previous US administration [Donald Trump].

It was miraculous in that this level of success never should have happened…
A close friend of mine in the US who is involved in military security related to missiles and weapons of that sort has assured me that it is impossible to logically look at what took place that night and not see the hand of God. It just doesn’t happen…



No sooner were the engines cool on the jet fighters than the US and Western Europe began to warn Israel against a strong response. As I mentioned above, their logic went something like, “Yeah, Iran was
wrong for doing that, but nobody really got hurt, right? Let’s just forget it and move on.” 

Let’s imagine an enemy fires 110 ballistic missiles at the White House or Buckingham Palace or the Élysée Palace. Just because your air defenses shoot the
weapons out of the sky, are you then going to say, “Tsk, tsk, tsk. This is your warning, guys. Better not do it again”?

Israel is going to respond, and it will do so with force. Iran crossed a line and now they have brought the fight to their own soil. 

• It may be a blow to their nuclear program, causing destruction to their production facilities. 

• Their infrastructure may be targeted, taking out dams or electrical stations. 

• The response could be directed at their economy, destroying oil production. 

• Considering the Iranian currency hit an all-time 700,000 rials to the US dollar following the failed attack, this could be particularly damaging.

however Israel responds and whatever the resulting escalation might entail, both Iran and Israel will survive this conflict. 

My confidence does not come from the military or infrastructure or allied relationships. 

My assurance is rooted in the Bible, where Ezekiel 38 tells me that when Russia comes against Israel it will not be alone. 

Among those joining Russia will be Persia, or Iran. 

Thus, Iran must be around to attack, while Israel must still exist so that it can be attacked. 
There is such clarity when people know their Bibles.

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