4.20.23 – Dr. Carole Haynes - Newsletter

“Beware ‘School Choice’ Scheme for New World Order”

By Carole Hornsby Haynes, PhD 

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Excerpts from this article:


The educational freedom train is moving at full speed as state legislatures and governors respond to increasing pressure from parents who are angry over school shutdowns and school districts’ violating their parental rights over the values they want taught to their children.

Public schools across the nation are undermining the historic Christian foundation upon which America was founded and gave us our rule of law tradition. Yet this is why public education was established in the 1800s.

Although the colonial private system of education was so outstanding that we were the most literate people in the world, Horace Mann and other socialists schemed to establish a free government system of education. Their goal was government controlled education that would transform America into a socialist nation with secular humanism while banishing all other religions, including Christianity.

Their goals have been wildly successful. From a highly literate people, American workers have become the least educated in the industrial world. Students hate God and America, see their parents as old-fashioned, and are unclear as to whether they are male or female or something else.

It should come as no surprise that parents want to get their children out of the godless, indoctrination government centers.

…Yet school choice is not the panacea that parents believe it to be.


For years critics have warned that publicly funded school choice is the camel’s nose in the tent for government control over private and homeschools. In 2015, the U.N. Human Rights Council passed a resolution demanding that governments regulate all education.

According to a 2021 report commissioned by UNESCO, the U.N.’s educational agency, governments should use tax subsidies, including vouchers, education savings accounts, and scholarship tax credits, for private schools to impose government control and regulations for requiring “equity” and other goals. 

The report assumes that the State is primarily responsible for a child’s education – not parents who are described as “stakeholders” and “vested interests.” 

The report calls for more state control over government funded private education. It’s noted this is needed to be sure the U.N.-backed goal of equity is achieved.

The U.N. is scheming for a global universal system of education in a New World Order…

…Profits can still go to private education as long as they do whatever the government wants, including complying with centrally defined curricula, learning standards, or student admissions criteria – and no religious instruction. 

States will be required to collect personal student data to check up on how private providers are handling educational “equity.” By including social and emotional data, student compliance can be measured for a future social credit score system.


 Let’s look at what’s happened in other countries when school choice funds followed the student. Today private education has almost completely disappeared in those countries. 

In Australia, over a period of 10 years, private and Christian schools took more and more government funds. The regulations gradually increased until the difference between public schools and private schools became non-existent. Homeschooling in Australia is the last frontier of educational freedom. 

In South Africa, in 1996, their new National Education Act officially transformed all publicly funded private schools into public schools

In Alberta, Canada homeschoolers enjoyed more liberty than almost all of the other provinces. Then several years ago, legislation was passed giving homeschoolers $500 per child in government funds. The very next year legislation, disguised as accountability, implemented restrictions on homeschoolers. The Minister of Education said that if the government gives money to homeschoolers, it must know about the students and rerquire certain standards. This new law applied to all homeschoolers - not just those who receive the government funding. 

In Sweden, universal school choice was legislated in 1992. By 2010, a comprehensive education reform law essentially nationalized private schools to ensure “accountability.” Following the national curriculum and testing is mandated.  

This will happen in America if private and/or homeschools accept government funding. 


In New York State, because the traditional Jewish Haredi schools get government funding, they are being forced to offer a curriculum that is “substantially equivalent” to what is available in local public schools – this would include Critical Race Theory, transgenderism, SEL.  

In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, vouchers for Christian and private schools came with a slew of regulations, including a ban on requiring Bible classes or chapel for voucher students. 

In Alaska, a program that offered funding to homeschooling families would not allow any religious materials or curricula. The bad news: most homeschooloing families used this program and gave up their freedom to include religion in their lessons. 


An investigation in 2016 by the Government Accountability Office found that “Voucher and ESA programs generally placed some requirements on participating private schools.” However, U.S. state governments are ignoring that and following the strategy described in the UNESCO report, using public funding to impose strings on previously independent private schools. 

Public money flowing to private schools was blocked for many years by the Blaine Amendments. Protestants wanted to block public funds to Catholic schools but the amendments also blocked funding to Christian schools. The 2020 Supreme Court ruling in the Espinoza case has changed that. 

Parents and families are gaining access to a variety of tax money programs for education including vouchers, education-funding backpacks, Educational Savings Accounts (ESAs), and Empowerment Scholarship Accounts (ESAs). 

Let’s look at the programs passed recently. 

In Arizona, private schools were not regulated by the state. The new ESA program allows the state to impose requirements on parents which will follow to the school. Even worse, homeschool families who take ESA government money are no longer considered homeschoolers but government funded ESA students.

In Florida, the original bill required all students, including homeschool and private, receiving tax funded “Family Empowerment Scholarships” would be required to take Common Core aligned tests with results reported to the government. Families were required to meet with a government approved “choice navigator” each year to determine the eduational needs of the child. Grants for funding the program were being provided by a government-aligned non-profit LGBT extremist group.

In Texas, there is no current requirement for private schools to be accredited or for their teachers to be certified. That changes if Texas legislators pass Senate Bill 8. 


Several school choice bills have been introduced at the federal level with federal funds following the child to private and homeschools: H.R. 571 and H.R. 463 and S.105.

Christian and Catholic schools that have accepted federal tax funding have learned how dangerous this is for their academic freedom. They have to teach federally backed Common Core standards. And, of course, Social and Emotional Learning. So why did they accept government funding? 

The Cato Institute provides the clue. About one-third of the enrollment of charters came from private schools. To remain open, private and Catholic schools have accepted federal money with its strings.

Unfortunately, parents too often are not aware that charters are still government schools receiving government money and, therefore, must teach Common Core and the same godless worldview. 


Often people ask me what is so bad about a few strings such as teacher certification and school accreditation. If you look at the history of public schools, you’ll find that government regulations and restrictions were added gradually so that we where are today. It will be the same for private and homeschools. 

Let’s look at why the requirement for teacher certification and school accreditation problematic. 

Teacher certification courses are nearly always provided by Marxist colleges of education. There has never been any proof that a certified teachers is any better than a non-certified teacher. In fact, outstanding private schools report that they prefer to hire new college graduates who have an excellent academic background in their field and then train them in the skills of teaching. No certification or licensing is needed. Lawyers and doctors and other professionals don’t have to be certified to teach. 

Great schools don’t need accreditation. Their reputation is dependent upon their providing an excellent academic foundation so they are self-monitored instead of government monitored. 

Today all public schools must be accredited and all public teachers certified to satisfy the accountability lawmakers want. So why do we want to replicate the very system we want to leave? 


Schools will be required to follow standardized testing requirements, including nationally normed tests that are aligned with Common Core and Critical Race Theory[The STAAR tests in Texas are criterion-referenced tests; this means the questions are based upon the curriculum standards adopted by the ELECTED (chosen by “we the people”) members of the Texas State Board of Education after numerous public hearings. The STAAR test questions in the various grade levels are screened and approved by classroom teachers who teach in those grade levels.]

In numerous states across the country, government-funded scholarships may only be used at institutions that prohibit “discrimination” in hiring and admissions. Already litigation has filed because those anti-discrimination schemes require Christian schools to hire homosexuals and gender-confused individuals impersonating the opposite sex.

The federal requirement for same sex locker rooms and restrooms will follow to private schools as well as mandatory courses in diversity, inclusivity, equity, SEL, LGBTQ+ issues, Common Core, etc. 

The danger in all of these programs is that very few children will be rescued from government schools. Even if the program is universal, as in Arizona, only those who apply for an ESA will get funding

In Texas, ESA funds are allocated only for 62,000 out of more than five million in K-12. 

So the government system will continue to be funded with traditional public and charter schools receiving funding based on enrollment. Those students who will be purposely dumbed down and destabilized mentally will become future voters and workers. This is suicide for the United States.


Public education does not have an exclusive right to your tax money. An education monopoly was set up because we allowed it. 

School choice sounds like a fantastic solution for parents who want to exit government indoctrination centers. Tragically, Christian schools and homeschoolers accepting government funding will get trapped in government restrictions and get sucked right back into the very godless system they are fleeing. But that’s exactly what UNESCO wants Americans to do.

…We can stop this global takeover of education. 

It requires refusing government funded school choice. Private, non-refundable tax credits from individuals and corporations are a less dangerous alternative. Churches and private organizations are providing scholarships. Many free market options are popping because of creative minded Americans. There is a parallel society for education already underway with thousands of new job opportunities and government-free education and it’s being done with private money. We don’t need government funded school choice to create this new society.

We’re beginning a return to the type of education that made America the most literate nation on earth. [1.17.23 – “The Only Answer for America: Type #1 for All Classrooms -- Cannot Be Mixed – Just Like Oil and Water” – by Donna Garner -- https://donnagarner.org/only-two-types-of-education-type-1-vs-type-2-cannot-mix-oil-water-4-27-22/  ]