“Gov. Abbott, Please Do Not Enable Tyranny”
By Donna Garner

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If we had solid, medical/scientific, peer-reviewed, independent research to prove that masks prevent transmission of COVID-19, then perhaps Gov. Abbott would be standing on solid ground by allowing county officials to fine local businesses for not requiring their customers to wear masks.  (Please see the 6.17.20 article in The Texan posted below.)

However, studies from all over the world are at odds on this issue. Some say the masks only give people a false sense of security. The “experts” cannot even agree on the kind of masks that people should wear – 1 ply, 2 ply, 3 ply – disposable, non-disposable – elastic bands, tie bands -- and on and on.  If the medical/scientific community ever came up with a definite, sure-fire, successful mask, then where would all of us purchase them?  

When and where should masks be worn?  When people go to a restaurant where their mouths have to be used to eat their food, why should they wear a mask for 3 minutes while they find their seats?   Is that really necessary since restaurants have the tables spread out for social distancing, and sanitizing procedures are occurring very frequently?

When people are working out at the gym and doing strenuous exercise, obviously people need to have good air intake without any obstruction by a mask.  Yes, people can breathe through masks – enough to survive but not really enough when they are exerting themselves and need that extra air.

When people go to the hair salon, should they wear a mask that will certainly have to be taken off when their hair is being shampooed and or styled?  Common sense tells us that a person’s hair cannot be properly shampooed and/or styled around the edges of a mask!  Again, these salons are practicing social distancing by not allowing their shops to be crammed with people; and they as well as the customers are constantly sanitizing nearly everything in sight!

I believe that most of us realize the importance of sanitizing our hands frequently and about trying to keep from being too close to people, but the public is very confused on the issue of masks and rightly so.

To turn around and fine businesses based upon the choices being made by the confused public seems fool-hardy to me.  I believe that Gov. Abbott needs to rethink his position on the mask issue. If the public chooses to wear them, that is fine; but business owners should not be fined based upon the choices of their customers, many of whom are totally confused about when, where, and if a mask is truly essential in spreading COVID-19.   

I appreciate the Texas Legislators who have signed the attached joint statement. They needed to point out to Gov. Abbott that he himself is enabling a type of tyranny against the freedom and liberty of Texans by allowing Democrat county judges to impose $1,000 fines on business owners based upon the choices of their customers regarding masks.   


6.17.20 –  The Texan

“Governor Abbott Walks Back Face Mask Mandate, Says Businesses Can Be Fined”

Although his previous order prohibited localities from imposing fines for not wearing face masks, Abbott now says that businesses can be fined for failing to mandate their use.

By Daniel Friend

Excerpts from this article:

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Following an executive order issued in Bexar County that will impose a fine on businesses that do not require employees and customers to wear face masks, Governor Abbott said in an interview with KWTX that such a fine has been an enforcement option for local governments to take all along.

Under the executive order issued by Abbott on April 27, “Individuals are encouraged to wear appropriate face coverings, but no jurisdiction can impose a civil or criminal penalty for failure to wear a face covering.”

Given that the text of the order does not explicitly specify that only individuals are protected from fines, local governments have—until today—interpreted the order as barring any fine mandating face masks.

Abbott never indicated to local officials that they had the authority to require businesses to mandate face masks with the force of a fine.

In the KWTX interview, Abbott claimed that “there has been a plan in place all along” to allow businesses to be fined by local governments for not requiring face masks. 

It turned out earlier today that the county judge in Bexar County finally figured that out. They finally read what we had written,” said Abbott.

“We want to make sure that individual liberty is not infringed upon by government, and hence government cannot require individuals to wear masks,” he continued. “However, pursuant to my plan, local governments can require stores and businesses to require masks.”

Abbott emphasized that “no Texan can be put in jail for failing to follow these standards,” but did not specify if Texans can be jailed for failing to pay fines for refusing to mandate face coverings on their private property.

The lack of clarity on the subject of mandating businesses to mandate face masks is just the latest in a growing number of mixed messages sent by state officials amidst the pandemic.

With the Bexar County order receiving the approval of the governor, other local officials who have been calling for face mask mandates will likely follow suit