6.21.24 --  Campaign for Working Families

“Bodies Keep Stacking Up – Biden To Blame”

By Gary Bauer

Excerpts from this article: 

End Of Day - 6/21/2024 - More Biden Victims, Trump Gets It, Defending Faith, Family, & Freedom, (mailchi.mp)   


It’s happened again. 


An innocent American was brutally murdered by two illegal aliens from Venezuela. Tragically, the victim in this case was a 12 year-old girl in Texas.

These two Venezuelans had multiple interactions with Biden’s immigration system. One was captured by the Border Patrol in March, and the other was intercepted in late May. 


They knew exactly what to say – they claimed asylum, saying they feared being sent back to Venezuela. 

The Border Patrol put ankle monitors on them, so they would show up for their court hearings, and then they were let loose into our country as Joe Biden demanded. 

It didn’t take long for these monsters to betray our “goodwill.” 

They strangled an innocent American girl to death and dumped her body in a river. 

Police are still waiting for the results of a sexual assault exam.




On Monday, five illegal aliens were arrested and charged with kidnapping a 14 year-old girl from Indiana. 

Police say the illegal aliens were trafficking her to California


More and more Americans are being victimized as a direct result of Biden’s open borders. 

The bodies of American women, who should be safe in America, are piling up after being raped and murdered by illegal aliens who shouldn’t be in America.


But Joe Biden, his party, and his left-wing media allies don’t care because, ultimately, this is about the “fundamental transformation of America” by importing more Democrat voters. 


Why isn’t Biden losing 25% to 75%?! 

Has the country become so jaded that we just shrug whenever fellow citizens are murdered by foreign criminals who shouldn’t be here?


I have repeatedly said that border security is national security. 

It’s also domestic security, and far too many innocent Americans are paying the price for Biden’s open borders.




Erin Morin Layman was interviewed this morning on Fox & Friends. 

Layman is the half-sister of Rachel Morin, the mother of five who was killed in Maryland by an illegal alien.


The Fox host recounted recent examples of similar atrocities committed by illegal aliens, and asked, “When will it end?” Layman answered, “Not until we get a new administration.” 


Laymen went on to say that President Trump called the family yesterday and spent more than half an hour consoling them. 


Rachel’s mother, Patty Morin, said in a separate interview: 


“I am deeply touched by President Trump’s kindness and concern. He was genuine and truly wanted to know how our family was coping. He asked about Rachel and showed honest compassion for her untimely death.” 


With her voice breaking, Erin Layman said the hardest thing she had to do was take Rachel’s two youngest children to visit their mother’s grave on Mother’s Day. 


The Morin family hasn’t heard a word from the Biden White House. 


Homeland Insecurity Secretary Mayorkas won’t even say her name, and neither would CNN’s Jim Acosta, who blamed “right-wing media” for drawing attention to Morin’s death. 


Everywhere he goes, Joe Biden tells the radical LGBTQ crowd that he “has their back.” But he couldn’t care less about Americans murdered by his illegal migrants.


Everyone thinks about how they want to “go” as they approach the end of their time on earth. 

Some say, “I hope I go fast,” “I hope I fall asleep and don’t wake up,” or “I want to be surrounded by loved ones when the time comes.”


But no one says, “I want to die violently at the hands of a savage, criminal illegal alien.” 


Think of the horror and the terror Rachel Morin, a mother of five, and that innocent 12 year-girl in Texas suffered in their final moments.


Think of the 13 year-old girl raped at knife-point in the middle of a park while her illegal alien attacker filmed it all. She has to live with that humiliation for the rest of her life. 


And yet so-called “progressive” Democrats and leftist media hosts are cracking jokes about 13 year-old girls getting raped. That’s unbelievably callous and despicable! 


Republicans should be pounding the table every day, expressing their outrage about the dangers Americans are facing from Biden’s migrant crime wave. They can’t do it often enough! 


All of these heinous crimes are Joe Biden’s fault. This shouldn’t be happening to anyone in America, let alone 12 and 13 year-old girls.