6.3.24 – C&C News

“Fauci and NIH Cronies Made $710 M in Royalties from Drug Makers”

By Jeff Childers, Practicing attorney and well-known author

Excerpts from this article:

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Remember, they did it all for 
your benefit. 

Yesterday, the New York Post ran a startling but ultimately unsurprising jab story headlined
NIH scientists made $710M in royalties from drug makers — a fact they tried to hide.” 

The so-called scientists allegedly slaving away for taxpayers’ public health were actually enriching THEMSELVES helping big pharma hawk its novel injections.

It’s taken multiple FOIA lawsuits, but new newly disclosed NIH data shows the agency and its scientists collected an eye-watering $710 million in royalties, just during the pandemic, between late 2021 and the end of 2023. 

Up till now, the NIH refused to say how much in royalties its taxpayer-compensated scientists have earned, insisting there’s no law requiring them to disclose that, and citing public servants’ privacy…

So, the very same people pushing jabs, lauding their safety and efficacy, and helping justify vaccine mandates, passports, and databases were raking it in the whole time, laughing all the way to the bank, earning multiples of their government-approved salaries in COVID shot royalties.


In this case, we are not required to assume good faith on the part of greedy NIH scientists. 


Having failed to do that, especially because they weren’t transparent about it,
they appropriately deserve society’s sanction and harsh criticism.

No wonder they tried to bury it. The burden of proof has now shifted. 

The NIH must now convincingly demonstrate that it was 
not acting improperly, and did not let its financial incentives influence its scientific judgments and public health policies.

If NIH can’t prove that, it deserves the harshest possible sanction, especially given the life-and-death stakes.

But the scandal also raises essential questions about whether NIH scientists should receive royalties in the first place. 

I mean, 
what are we paying these people to do

If a scientist worked for a private boss, guess who gets the royalties for whatever the employee scientist invents?  THE BOSS DOES. That’s why he hired the scientist in the first place.

So why are NIH scientists entitled to royalties?  

Why aren’t NIH royalties paid back to the public treasury, since the TAXPAYERS are the boss in this scenario?

Or, if not that,
why are the inventions created using public funds not flowing into the public domain? 

Why should inventions be licensed to private pharma companies, with benefits flowing to GOVERNMENT SCIENTISTS?

Why should the public pay on both ends – (1)
first to support the research and (2) then again in the form of high prices and limited access for new drugs?

The disclosure of nearly a billion dollars in jab royalties shared by a couple hundred well-connected NIH government scientists exposes an unholy symbiosis between a captured agency and the industry it regulates, a shadow system tirelessly working behind a public façade, extracting wealth and freedom from duped citizens. 

The pandemic response, with its dire combination of corporate profiteering, administrative overreach, and the suppression of dissent, has exposed the workings of this infernal machine in stark detail.

…Senator Rand Paul is trying to fix the problem. 

His recently sponsored Royalty Transparency Act unanimously sailed through a bipartisan committee and will hopefully receive a prompt and favorable floor vote. 

In a burst of common sense, it would require government employees to disclose any royalties they receive.

Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

But even more than new laws and stricter ethics rules, what we need most is a renewal of THE ETHIC OF PUBLIC SERVICE — the idea that government employment is a sacred trust, not a self-dealing hunting license. 

We need uncorrupted public officials who would never dream of trading on their offices for private enrichment, who understand the basic, timeworn notion that even the APPEARANCE of impropriety is a stain on their personal honor and on the integrity of the public institutions they steward…



6.2.24 – “NIH Scientists Made $710 Million in Royalties from Drug Makers – A Fact They Tried To Hide” – by Adam Andrzejewski – New York Post --