6.4.23 – Lumen News

“Biden Admin’s Plan to Expand School-Based Healthcare Services To Replace Parents”

By Susan Berry, PhD

Excerpts from this article:


Before there was Critical Race Theory (CRT) and forced gender ideology in government schools, the main battle in K-12 education was over the Common Core State Standards.

One of the national leaders in the fight for parental rights and education freedom during the Common Core era was Florida pediatrician Dr. Karen Effrem.

Though Effrem passed away three years ago while she still had so much more to offer parents and those making education policy, she left us with her clear vision that public schools had already begun to turn into “parent replacement centers” through the Obama administration’s “full service community schools” concept.

Now, as Lumen-News reported, the Biden administration is pressing forward with its “comprehensive guide” to providing K-12 students full physical and mental health services at school.

Aided by its allies in the mental health world, the U. S. Education Department is using the fact that American children’s mental health is “in crisis” after those who led the nation’s pandemic response, in collaboration with the teachers’ unions, decided to close down schools. When schools re-opened, children returned to CRT and gender ideology on steroids.

…The Biden administration’s guide describes the types of services that will be offered to students in government schools if the rule proposed by the Departments of Education and Health and Human Services is allowed to take effect:

{The school setting provides a unique opportunity to deliver health care services to children and adolescents, especially those enrolled in Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). School-based services (SBS), including but not limited to preventive care, mental health and substance use disorder (SUD) services, physical and occupational therapy, and disease management have been shown to improve both health and academic outcomes.}

The key phrase in the above description is “including but not limited to.”

In August 2015, Effrem discussed with CNS News the Democrats’ push at that time for “full service community schools.”

“This is basically the government schools taking over the duties of families,” Effrem said.

“It's very scary,” she added, explaining the concept "turns schools into a second or even first home for children and reduces parents to 'breeders and feeders.’”

Effrem said when government schools begin replacing parents, privacy is severely compromised:

{I have been fighting against both the data-mining of students and the psychological profiling of students for many years. This program is horrible because it continues the great expansion of federal psychological profiling of children, and it also will result in a ton of data-mining of students and their families about very non-academic subjects.}

"It will not only run your life, but control what your kids are taught," she said. "A big part of it is the mental health screenings of children and families that really opens the door for a tyrannical imposition of thought and conscience norms by the government.”

"Of course, this is incredibly subjective and open to all sorts of political correctness,” Effrem told CNS News eight years ago, and then asked, “Who's going to define what the norms are?"

The Biden administration’s push for expanded school-based healthcare services appears “very scary” as well to some physicians a decade later.

Richard Amerling, M.D., a nephrologist and chief academic officer of The Wellness Company, told Lumen-News the idea of delivering full physical and mental health services to children at school is “an absolutely dreadful concept!”

“I realize there's a childhood obesity epidemic (not helped by the awful school lunch program), but where's the need for onsite medical care?” Amerling asked. “Most likely this will be provided by NPs [nurse practitioners] and other non-M.D. ‘providers.’"

Amerling also raised the question of “who initiates” the student referral for care.

“Teachers?” he asked. “God forbid!”

“The goals here are obvious,” he explained. “Continue to replace parents as primary care-givers; prescribe more useless and harmful psych meds; prescribe statins and other poisons; push bariatric surgery; push gender transitioning.”

Jane Orient, M.D., executive director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS), told Lumen-News the “agenda for school-based clinics is clear from the agenda for mandatory sex education”:

{They will include contraception, promotion of all forms of sexual activity, disrespect for traditional morality, and of course abortion referral and treatment of STDs when natural consequences occur. Schools are already pushing vaccines without parental consent or knowledge. The use of the term "stakeholder" is revealing. The children are a piece of property. But if children suffer harm, the parents will be totally responsible – emotionally and financially.}