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“Idaho MassResistance Parents Confront RINO State Rep. Who Voted Against Protecting Children in Libraries”

Excerpts from this article:


Idaho MassResistance parents confronted RINO State Rep. Cheatum who voted against bill to protect children in libraries. His “No” vote kept the bill from becoming law in Idaho!

He tries to defend his vote, but parents aren’t buying it.

Rep. attacked MassResistance in his tirade -- stupefied lawmaker finally walked away from his outraged constituents.

June 3, 2023 -- VIDEO: Parents confront RINO State Rep (1 min 59 sec)

The outrage is growing against RINO legislators in conservative states who vote against bills to protect children from pornography, “sex-change” medical procedures, and other harm by the radical Left.

But MassResistance is helping fight back. We’ve found that simply “testifying” at public meetings – where they just ignore us – is rarely effective. It’s necessary for parents to confront the politicians personally. That gets their attention!


Idaho bill HB 314 was a dream of parents across the country. (1) It would have removed the exemption given to schools and libraries that make obscene materials available to children. (2) It would give parents the ability to sue a school or library for $2,500 in damages for each infraction of the new law. And (3) it strengthened the definition of obscenity as it relates to materials made available to children.

The bill sailed through the Idaho Senate by 26-9. It went through two votes in the Idaho House, passing easily each time.

But in each House vote, Republican Richard Cheatum (R-Pocatello) voted “No.”

Cheatum campaigns as a “conservative.” But on culture war issues, at least, he’s a pro-LGBT liberal – which he doesn’t talk about when campaigning.


So it looked like HB 314 would become law! But then, outrageously, RINO Idaho Governor Brad Little vetoed it!

The bill went back to the Legislature. It needed a 2/3 vote in each chamber to override the veto. The Senate was sure to override it if it got there. But the House override fell short by one vote – Richard Cheatum had voted “no” again. Parents across the state were livid!


Besides being a State Rep, Cheatum is also a member of the Pocatello City Council. So at the next meeting of the City Council on April 20, parents were there. As soon as the meeting adjourned, they began talking to Cheatum.

Politicians don’t like to be cornered by angry constituents on their votes, and Cheatum was visibly upset.

Cheatum started by ranting about “homophobia.”

Then a mother held up an explicit page from a children’s library book and said to him: “You voted to keep this in the library for kids.” He said, “No I did not.” When she persisted, he admitted that he did vote against the bill. (The obscene picture did not appear to bother Cheatum at all.)

He claimed that HB 314 was not about pornography, but about “local control.” He pointed at her and said, “That bill was broken and it wasn’t right… It gave YOU the right to sue, and that’s not right.”

Cheatum points at mother to try to intimidate her. But it doesn't work!

Mother: “It is right. Protecting kids is always right.”

Cheatum: “It had nothing to do with protecting kids. It has to do with homophobia. That’s exactly what it is. This has to do with an anti-LGBT program sponsored by a company sic] in Massachusetts.” [referring to MassResistance!].

Mother: “It’s about children. We are trying to keep pornography away from kids. And you voted ‘no’ to keep it in.”

Cheatum: “You’re right I did. And I’ll do it again next year if the same bill comes back.”

2nd Mother: “You’re going to be voted out if you’re not careful!”

Mother: “You don’t think protecting kids is important?”

Cheatum: “It has nothing to do with that. It has to do with local jurisdiction.”

Mother: “This is all it’s about: protecting kids and pornography like this.”

Cheatum: “It’s the beginning of book burning.”

Other mother: “No it’s not! No it’s not! They’re not burning books!”

Cheatum: “That’s exactly what they’ve done in other states with the same proposal. [Actually, other states have not passed bills like this yet.] And it’s being led by a group that will turn [intelligible] in Pocatello. [referencing MassResistance again!] That’s what you want.”

Then Cheatum got up and walked away.

He finally just gets up and walks away. A typical arrogant politician. But he got an earful that he wasn't expecting!


The points Cheatum made while putting down the parents are very disturbing:

  • He said that parents should not be allowed to sue schools and libraries for damages. The reason that’s given is that this will increase costs, which will be passed on to the taxpayers. But it’s very easy for schools and libraries to avoid this: Just don’t have materials that violate the state’s obscenity laws.
  • He said he supports “local jurisdiction.” In this case, it means allowing local schools and libraries to choose to continue to violate the state obscenity laws and harm children.
  • “This is about homophobia.” Oh, please. Children need to be protected from exposure to homosexual sex acts, transgenderism, BDSM, and the range of other perverted behaviors depicted in those books. (And any books containing heterosexual obscene content would also be kept out.)
  • He rails about “burning books.” That’s right from the pro-LGBT American Library Association’s talking points. It’s the mantra of the pro-porn-for-children movement.

This was a huge eye-opener on what is in the heads of RINO politicians like Richard Cheatum.

There is something purely evil about his perspective on pornography and young children. It clearly doesn’t bother him at all. And his visible hatred of parents who complain is chilling. He needs to be thrown out of office.

Make no mistake: This noxious mindset is rampant among public officials across America.


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