6.5.24 – American Thinker

“RFK, Jr. – The Silver-Tongued Spoiler”

By Cherie Zaslawsky

Excerpts from this article:

RFK Jr.: The Silver-Tongued Spoiler - American Thinker   

Like so many others, I greatly admire Bobby Kennedy’s organization Children’s Health Defense, his
[RFK, Jr.] stunning exposé “The Real Anthony Fauci,” and his work in the health freedom movement. As an attorney, he’s been a tireless crusader focused on environmental and health issues. 

However, his latest crusade in the extraordinarily high-stakes 2024 presidential election could cost us our Republic.

First, let’s examine whether Kennedy has truly left the Democratic Party and what he stands for.



The moment this iconic Democrat went rogue by joining the Independents for a third-party run, Kennedy outed himself as a NeverTrump spoiler.

He appears to 
admit this himself, but with impressive verbal dexterity bordering on Shakespearean aplomb, twists it into a badge of honor:

“Our campaign is a spoiler…. It’s a spoiler for President Biden and for President Trump. It’s a spoiler for the war machine. It’s a spoiler for Wall Street and big ag and big tech and big telecom and big pharma and the corporate-owned media and all the corrupt politicians and corporations.”

Under the sway of such passionate rhetoric,
listeners might not recollect that this knight errant supports the following Progressive positions:

  • Police reform: To create a “commission to root out systemic bias from the federal to the local levels.” Toeing the Progressive line that America is “systemically racist.”

  • Gun control: “Assault weapons” ban, and universal background checks.

  • Catastrophic Climate Change: The bogus, debunked hypothesis to justify globalists’ plans to abolish fossil fuels to deindustrialize America and the rest of the West.


Kennedy endorsed Hillary [in 2016]. 



…At the Libertarian 
Freedom Fest conference last summer, Kennedy portrayed himself as a free-market libertarian…

most Libertarians saw through Kennedy’s pretense that he was one of them and handed him a humiliating defeat as the lowest-scoring candidate, with a measly 2% of the votes in the first round of their nominee selection.

A commenter on an Epoch Times article about the convention, Barry AuH20, 
sums it up nicely:

NEWS FLASH: Donald Trump IS the 3rd Party Candidate to break the stranglehold of the DNC and GOP. But, frankly, I’m still voting straight party GOP. The stakes are far too high to be playing idealistic games.




As the Republican National Committee 
documented in a recent publication, Kennedy is a Progressive Democrat in Independent’s clothing strictly as a political strategy.

Want proof? 

How about Kennedy’s choice of running mate?


Nicole Shanahan, the 38-year-old ex-wife of Google’s co-founder Sergey Brin, is Silicon Valley’s answer to Kamala Harris. 

Not only are neither of them [Nicole Shanahan and Sergey Brin] remotely qualified for the job, but they’re both constitutionally ineligible! 

Neither one is a natural-born American citizen. Shanahan’s Chinese immigrant mother gave birth to Nicole two years after entering America—it takes five years for immigrants to be naturalized, or three if married to a US citizen.

Politically, Shanahan is a Democrat billionaire who has poured millions into the “defund the police” movement, among other far-left causes. 

She’s been 
described as “supporting sustainable development.” That’s code-speak for Agenda 21/ 2030.

In fact, the only plausible explanation for Kennedy’s ostensibly cynical pick is the lady’s checkbook. Who else would have paid for his cringe-worthy
 Super Bowl ad?

Kennedy’s history as an environmentalist lawyer proves two things: his credentials as a Progressive Democrat and the fact that his crusades have often backfired.

Case in point:
Canadian investigative journalist Elizabeth Nickson blames Kennedy for spearheading protests that ultimately destroyed British Columbia’s flourishing timber industry, followed by its sad replacement with casinos and drug and sex trafficking cartels.

Trump, writing in 
Truth Social, blames RFK Jr. for convincing Governor Cuomo to cripple energy production in New York:

Upstate New York was not allowed to drill or frack as Ohio, Pennsylvania, and others ripped off New York Energy. Because of this, prices have skyrocketed… especially [in] Upstate New York and New England.

But the damage Kennedy’s election crusade could cause would far exceed that of any of his environmental exploits.



Kennedy’s campaign consultant
 Rita Palma touted the possibility his campaign could score enough electoral votes to deprive both Trump and Biden’s replacement from reaching 270 electoral votes, throwing the “contingent election” to Congress. 

Meanwhile, America faces an asymmetric war while our enemies—
the Communist Chinese, jihadist Islamists, and supranational globalist elites— are salivating at the prospect of America’s demise.

We need a Commander-in-Chief, not an idealistic crusader who plans to cut defense spending.

…Washington Times columnist Don Feder opines:
God knows Donald J. Trump isn’t perfect. But he’s all that stands between us and a totalitarian nightmare from which we may never wake up.

Kennedy, through his inspiring orations, acts as a pied piper drawing many well-meaning health freedom advocates to support his presidential aspirations
. But if he succeeds in stopping Trump from reaching 270 electoral votes, the collapse of America will follow as surely as night follows day.

A word of advice:
Be careful what you wish for.