6.7.24 – Texas Scorecard

“Dr. Mary Talley Bowden’s Fight To Stop Bureaucratic Abuse”

By Daniel Greer



A U. S. congressional hearing last week exposed multiple misapplications of science and medicine in 2020 and 2021.

It appears that most measures aimed at limiting the spread of the lab leaked collaborative coronavirus created by Fauci and the CCP weren’t based on science and did not work. 

Social distancing was made up, cloth masks were worse than useless, and the shots developed and marketed as able to stop the spread did no such thing.

These findings starkly contrast the outcomes achieved by Houston-based Doctor Mary Talley Bowden, who is fighting to keep her medical license intact after successfully treating thousands of patients during the outbreak with cheap and effective drugs.

Last week, Dr. Bowden’s attorney sent an open letter
  [A Plea for Help: Letter to Attorney General Ken Paxton (substack.com ]  to Attorney General Ken Paxton outlining abuses of power by the Texas Medical Board and the State Office of Administrative Hearings (SOAH) in their costly pursuit of Bowden.

As we’ve seen in other professions,
the TMB has focused its ire on Dr. Bowden “for her political and medical opinions with a litany of charges that have nothing to do with patient care.” 

According to the letter, “the attack on Dr. Bowden is unprecedented.”

Among other grievances,
Bowden lays out how the TMB attempted to compel her to violate the Medical Practices Act as a litigation tactic. 

According to Bowden,
TMB, as a means to gain an advantage in their prosecution, tried to compel her expert witness to sit for a deposition on three days’ notice, a schedule that would have forced the cancellation of surgeries.

Troublingly, the letter contains claims that
Bowden was denied the right to present a defense, utilize an expert witness, or obtain required disclosures from TMB and its expert.

This letter, sent on Bowden’s behalf, comes at a time when prosecutions of whistleblowers, independent thinkers, and advocates are escalating. 

Eithan Haim, a doctor at Texas Children’s Hospital, who disclosed to the public that the institution was still performing gender mutilation procedures, has been indicted by the U.S. Department of Justice.  

These abuses aren’t limited to the medical profession. 

Attorney General Paxton, like Bowden, faces a
 weaponized state bar, sanctions, and the possible revocation of his license for bringing a challenge to the 2020 election…

Bowden is asking Paxton to intervene and “rein in illegal or ultra vires actions by state agencies” by not defending “illegal actions by state agencies.” 

However, this may not be possible without legislative action.

State Rep.
 Steve Toth (R-The Woodlands), who has been an outspoken advocate for Dr. Bowden in her fight against the TMB, posted to X over the weekend that Paxton is limited in the way he can intervene and instead called this a failure of the legislature.

Toth suggests that lawmakers pass a law increasing oversight of the TMB. 

Alternatively, as contemplated in other realms,
lawmakers could move to empower the Attorney General to keep bureaucrats in check.

A TMB hearing over Bowden’s case had been set for this spring but was postponed at the last moment for this fall.



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