7.24.23 – Texas Family Project

How Each TX Legislator Voted on Family-Friendly Bills”

From Donna Garner


[COMMENTS FROM DONNA GARNERAn effective way to stop the leftist agenda that seems to have its tentacles wrapped around our state and nation is to hold elected officials publicly accountable.  

That is what such groups as Texas Family Project (TFP) have done with their Report Card, and now they are publicly holding Texas Legislators accountable on selected bills for the way they voted and the decisions they made.  

With thousands of bills filed in the 88th Regular Session, TFP selected the family-friendly ones they believed were particularly important.  We do not necessarily have to agree with TFP on all of their choices of bills nor on their views to be able to appreciate their hard work to protect families.   

We voters need to keep this TPF report card handy for the next elections. We also need to thank, support, and re-elect those legislators who stood for family-friendly laws and oust those elected politicians who are deliberately trying to destroy our nation’s traditional families.

Thank you, Texas Family Project, for having the commitment and courage to help us protect our families.”]

Texas Family Project Report Card – rating of Texas Legislators on TFP-selected, family-friendly issues in the 88th Regular Session:



To read the vision that Texas Family Project holds: https://www.texasfamilyproject.com/about

Strong families are the foundation of a healthy and thriving Texas, and we exist to advocate for policies and initiatives that empower parents to raise their children in safe, nurturing environments. We do this through:


  • Activism: Through our advocacy efforts, we strive to create a society that values and supports families where every individual has the opportunity to thrive. We defend Texas kids from the emergent threat of explicit drag shows, explicit materials in and out of schools, and “gender affirming care” practices aimed at robbing them of their innocence. Through alerts to parents and the public, we bring light to these issues and empower parents to use their voice. 


  • Legislation: We believe in creating a Texas where family values are upheld and individuals can thrive. When families are supported, they will succeed. Our organization promotes legislation that protects and strengthens families, including laws to support parental rights, strengthen marriage and family relationships, and provide resources to families as they battle for the hearts and minds of their children.


  • Community: We work in partnership with organizations, activists and families across Texas to raise awareness and apply pressure where it’s needed. We believe that by creating a culture to value and support families, we can ensure future generations have the tools, resources, and nurturing spaces they need to succeed.


To find out how Texas Family Project scored the Texas Legislators on selected bills and amendments: https://www.texasfamilyproject.com/post/texas-family-project-legislative-report-card-88r


To see the spreadsheet that shows how each Texas Legislator voted on the TFP-selected bills and amendments and how they were tracked:



To donate to Texas Family Project: https://secure.winred.com/texas-family-project/donate-today

*Other report cards from hard-working, family-friendly organizations should be released in the upcoming months that evaluate the 88th Texas Legislative Session. Be watching.