“Florida’s Super Reading List – Gutting Common Core from Its Schools”

By Donna Garner

A group of people sitting in front of a book shelf.

I commend Florida under Gov. Ron DeSantis for making great strides toward gutting Common Core from its public schools.  Florida Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran (appointed by Gov. DeSantis in Dec. 2018) has released a Back-to-School Reading List for Grades K – 12 (http://www.fldoe.org/core/fileparse.php/5673/urlt/BTS-ReadingList.pdf ). 

Please notice how many authentic classics are on this list. The great books that have stood the test of time will help students to build good character traits and establish firm moral values. 

I encourage all teachers throughout the country to utilize this list with their students who will learn to love reading as they become engrossed with the well-developed plots, characters, and settings that will stick in their memories for a lifetime. 

Because the classics are so well written, students are able to identify and relate to the characters no matter in what era they lived because philosophical decisions and the complex nature of mankind do not change.  

The classics will help students to learn how to confront the ethical dilemmas in life by engaging their minds to lift students to a higher level of behavior. The classics teach students about good and evil and the never-to-be-forgotten consequences of both.