8.29.23 – C&C News

“CDC Quietly Removes COVID Vaccine Adverse Events Collection from Website”

By Jeff Childers, attorney and author

Excerpts from this article:


…you probably think you couldn’t possibly be surprised by anything the CDC does anymore, no matter how silly or bereft of human intelligence, or dumber than a Martian rock. Well, you’d better sit down. The Epoch Times ran a story yesterday headlined, “CDC Quietly Removes COVID Vaccine Adverse Events Collection From Website.”

There are two adverse event collections systems. The first and more well-known is VAERS… a “self-reporting” system and “anybody” can enter a report (under penalty of perjury and federal criminal prosecution if false, with cases only published after review by FDA officials…).

The second, newer system is called V-SAFE. It requires vaccinees to register using their mobile devices and then complete periodic surveys about their ongoing health. It is a long-term safety monitoring system.

About 10 million Americans who got the Covid jabs signed up for V-SAFE.

Yesterday, the CDC unceremoniously pulled the plug on V-SAFE for Covid, abruptly announcing a retroactive data cut-off of June 30th. 

It did not explain its baffling decision to terminate the highly-celebrated, high-tech program. According to the announcement, the CDC had also stealthily cut off any new registrations back on May 19th.

For context, and for a possible explanation for canceling the program, since CDC isn’t saying, here are some V-SAFE stats. 

According to an analysis by ICAN, as of September 2022, the 10.1 million users had completed over 151 million monthly health surveys using the platform (about 15 each). Of the 10.1 million users, OVER ONE-THIRD (3.53 million people) reported being “adversely impacted” by their vaccination.

Of those adversely impacted, 1.2 million folks reported being “unable to conduct normal activities,”… and 1.3 million said they had to miss school or work. 

About 800,000 actually needed medical treatment for their “adverse impact.”

Between the two companies, Moderna registered 1.6 million adverse impacts, and Pfizer had 1.4 million.

Half (48.5%) of the people who needed medical care sought “urgent care,” and 15% had to visit emergency rooms. 

[Please go to this link to see the V-SAFE Covid Vaccine Advance Health Impacts chart:  https://www.coffeeandcovid.com/p/stormy-weather-tuesday-august-29?utm_source=substack&utm_medium=email]

One of the most compelling arguments against the jabs from the outset was the absolute absence of any long-term safety data for a brand-new, never tested mRNA vaccine platform. For some reason, the CDC just pulled the plug on its newest, most-reliable system for obtaining long-term safety data.

Here’s a link to the Brownstone article if you want more detail: https://brownstone.org/articles/cdc-refusing-new-covid-vaccine-adverse-event-reports/

So. When the jab rollout started, we had zero long-term safety data on the jabs. And now we never will…