“Math Education: An Inconvenient Truth”

By M. J. McDermott

From Donna Garner

M.J. McDermott, a meteorologist with a degree in Atmospheric Sciences from the U. of Washington (Channel 13 Morning News Show – Fox affiliate), made this amazing video back in 1.15.07.  She has since retired from Channel 13 after 19 years as its award-winning meteorologist.  

However, her math video lives on; and it has been viewed by over a million people so far. 

If we want to know why so many students in the United States now are “math derelicts,” M. J. McDermott’s video gives us the answer. 

She tried to warn us way back in 2007; but unfortunately, many in the public were not listening then. Now we are as we see our nation’s children becoming math derelicts because they no longer are being taught basic math facts to the automaticity level.  

You Tube – 15:26 minutes --  “Math Education: An Inconvenient Truth”  -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tr1qee-bTZI



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