“Super News: Saxon Math To Be Continued by Publisher”

By Nakonia (Niki) Hayes

GREAT NEWS! Saxon Math textbooks will remain available past 2024!

Stories had been circulating in recent years that the Saxon Math publishers, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH) (hmhco.com), would shut down their Saxon Math operations in 2024 as the company switched to all-digital formats.

Then in May of this year, after joint meetings with HMH, Stephen Hake, author of Saxon Math textbooks for grades 3-8, announced on his website that “HMH has approved a proposal to continue selling the currently available editions of Saxon Math for both school and homeschool use.”


The publisher will sell the printed versions through June 30, 2025, and will offer digital licenses through Dec. 30, 2024.


A SPECIAL CAUTIONARY NOTE MUST BE INSERTED HERE: Evidently, this news [about the publisher selling the printed versions and offering digital licenses for Saxon Math] has not been spread among all Houghton Mifflin Harcourt employees.

Some schools have reported being discouraged by sales people from purchasing Saxon Math, and some long-time customers have been urged to change to other math programs.

PLEASE DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU. If any HMH employee declines to accept a Saxon order, THE BUYER MUST INSIST ON TALKING TO A SUPERVISOR.  Please continue to push forward until that sale is completed. Don’t stop for any reason!

It is true that some editions are now out of print, and there are reports that some products are in short supply. Please see the information at the end of this article about which editions are available.

PLANS FOR SAXON MATH BEYOND THESE ANNOUNCED DATES WILL BE POSTED BY STEPHEN HAKE AT -- http://www.hakepublishing.com/saxon-math-update.html

Especially important for millions of Saxon users is Hake’s additional statement: “It is my understanding that the printed books will remain as-is with no changes in the content.”

While there has never been ANY inclusion of Common Core material in Saxon Math books written by John Saxon, Stephen Hake, or Frank Wang, round stickers that say “Common Core” can sometimes be found now on the covers of their Saxon books. The idea is to lead buyers into thinking Common Core material and methods are included in that textbook. That is untrue for textbooks with those authors’ names on the covers.

In truth, the publishers offer a Common Core supplement to those buying Saxon Math. Teachers supposedly can incorporate that supplement in the Saxon lessons.

Here’s the easy rule to follow when seeking pure Saxon Math material, no matter when it has been published:

Look for the author’s full name on the cover of any Saxon Math textbook. Those names are John Saxon, Stephen Hake, or Frank Wang. Their books are pure Saxon.

John Saxon always insisted the names of authors working with him had to be on the covers of the company’s textbooks. That clarity, he said, allowed teachers and parents to hold authors and the company accountable for each book’s material and for its results on student learning. His mantra: “Results matter!”

Become aware AT THE HIGH SCHOOL LEVEL that while the book’s cover may have “Saxon” printed on it, if one of these three authors’ names (i.e., John Saxon, Stephen Hake, or Frank Wang) does not appear on that cover, it means the book has been compiled by some of HMH’s hired individuals. It also means they may have included materials from any source, including Common Core.



SAXON MATH K THROUGH MATH 3: Nancy Larson’s program -- available from HMH and homeschool distributors -- current refill kits work with older teacher materials

SAXON MATH 5/4 THROUGH MATH 8/7 – Stephen Hake’s softcover bindings still in print from homeschool distributors -- Intermediate 3, 4, 5 and Course 1, 2, 3 – available from HMH and homeschool distributors (reprinted with various copyright dates and ISBN’s and different covers – all can be used in the same classroom and can be trusted -- Order by title, not by ISBN.

SAXON MATH HIGH SCHOOL BOOKS – Algebra ½, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Advanced Math, Calculus (by Frank Wang), and Physics – still in print and available. Look for the author’s name!

The above Saxon Math products -- confirmed by HMH to be available for purchase for school and homeschool use through June 30, 2025 and possibly thereafter

Older editions -- can be found used