“Please Visit DonnaGarner.org – What Have You Got To Lose?  It’s Free”
By Donna Garner

I understand that most people in the public are using cell phones widely, and a large percentage of people do not keep news articles in files/folders on their phones. This means that once read, the articles are gone.  

When something comes up later in people’s lives and they really need the information that they once read and then deleted, what can they do?  

Many turn to the media to help them to recall the details of a past event or issue.  The problem is that the mass media cannot be trusted because they inject their own politicized views into their “news” articles – not the facts.  In essence, this is the way that the mainstream media ends up controlling the public narrative. 

How can we break this never-ending cycle of indoctrination where the mass media ends up controlling how the public thinks?  

This is the reason for my website – DonnaGarner.org. Now people do not have to keep their own files/folders on their cell phones because they can go to my website where informative articles are safely kept (i.e., memorialized).   

So long as users have access to the Internet, they can find 1,000+ articles on my website 24/7 that are fact-based and well documented. Each article is dated and contains the name of the author and the source.  

If users wish to share the article(s) with other people, all they have to do is to copy the URL for the article and paste it into a text or onto a social media platform. From that point, the other person can open the URL and be taken to the article that is clearly posted and easily read on DonnaGarner.org

The good part is that all of this is free-for-the-taking with no strings attached – no subscriptions, no interactivity, no registration, no blogs, and no data collected.

I pay GoDaddy for the construction of this website and for its security and its maintenance.  I also continue to pay them a monthly sum to load current articles, but I provide GoDaddy with all of the content.  

I have no board of directors, no financial ties to anyone, and no vested interests. I carefully choose articles from fact-based sources that document their articles well.  

Please take the time to visit DonnaGarner.org.  What have you got to lose?