9.1.23 – National Review

“Texas Supreme Court Allows Ban on Gender-Transition Procedures for Minors To take Effect”

By Brittany Bernstein

[COMMENTS FROM DONNA GARNER:  Next time any of us doubts the importance of voting for conservative judges at all levels, we need to remember this glorious decision today by the Texas Supreme Court. 

We voters make the difference in who ends up controlling our laws. 

Will it be the far-left Democrats or the conservative judges/justices who decide which laws go into effect?

We also need to be aware of the “game” that the Democrats like to play. 

The Texas Legislature, which now has many conservative leaders, passed a very important law (SB 14) -- a law that bans gender-transition treatment for minors. 

In lockstep with one another, the Travis County judges (dominated by far-left Democrats) nearly always try to block a sensible law such as SB 14.

Then the Texas Attorney General’s office (led by conservative TAG Paxton) steps in with a well-articulated appeal. 

Next, the Texas Supreme Court receives the appeal; and thankfully that court is led by many capable, conservative, brilliant thinkers such as Texas Supreme Court Justice John Devine.

Today, the Texas Supreme Court denied Travis County Democrat State District Court Judge Maria Cantu Hexse’s attempt to keep the law from going into place starting on 9.1.23.  

Oral arguments before the Texas Supreme Court for its final decision will take place on Nov. 28, 2023. 

In Texas as of today, it is now illegal to support gender-transition treatments for minors. 

I trust that the Texas Supreme Court will come forth with a final ruling that will support the health and well-being of our precious children and young people.] 



Excerpts from this National Review article: 


The Texas Supreme Court allowed a new law banning gender-transition treatment for minors to take effect on Friday [Sept. 1, 2023].

A lower court [Travis County -- Democrat State District Court Judge Maria Cantu Hexse] had temporarily blocked the law from taking effect in a ruling last week that found the plaintiffs were likely to succeed in their challenge on state constitutional grounds. However, that decision was appealed by the Texas Attorney General to the Texas Supreme Court, a move that prevented the temporary injunction from taking effect.

Transgender minors and their parents, as well as several rights groups, including Lambda Legal and the ACLU of Texas, are behind the legal challenge to the law, which bans doctors from prescribing hormones and puberty blockers to minors, and from performing gender-transition surgeries on minors.

Doctors who violate the law can have their medical licenses revoked. The measure also prohibits health insurance plans from covering the gender-transition services. It will immediately prevent doctors from providing transition treatments to new patients and will require that existing patients are gradually taken off of the treatments they have been receiving.

The law makes Texas the largest state to ban transgender care for minors, of more than 20 states with similar laws.

The advocacy groups behind the lawsuit called the state Supreme Court’s decision to allow the law to take effect “cruel.”

Texas Values, a conservative group that supported the law, celebrated the decision.

“Texas kids are safer today because of the Supreme Court ruling,” said Jonathan Covey, the group’s policy director. “Protecting children from harmful and dangerous gender transition surgeries and puberty blockers is in the best interests of the child and something we all agree on.”