“A First-Hand Look: Texas Is Definitely Being Invaded”

By Red Sonja

Excerpts from this article:


It seems that lately Texas suffers one crisis after another because of the Biden administration’s policies or their intended malfeasance. 

On Wednesday, September 20, 2023 at 6:34 PM Texas Governor Greg Abbott finally declared an “invasion” at the southern border.   He stated on X (twitter):

“I officially declared an invasion at our border because of Biden's policies. We deployed the Texas National Guard, DPS & local law enforcement. We are building a border wall, razor wire & marine barriers. We are also repelling migrants.”

What took so long?  Will something actually be done?  OR is it just smoke and mirrors?

[***Please see links from Texas Scorecard at the bottom of this page which indicate that wealthy businessmen in the United States are deliberately “advertising” in Spanish through videos to encourage these illegal aliens to come to the United States. To get cheaper labor, these businessmen are willing to put our entire nation at risk – terrible!]

On September 20, U.S Border Patrol agents cut down the razor wire and in so doing allowed a surge of 4,000 illegals to cross into Eagle Pass, Texas.  The Eagle Pass declared a state of emergency.   Mayor Rolando Salinas related that the Mission Border Hope had been overrun by mostly young Venezuelan men.  The Venezuelans were lawless and unwilling to follow direction.  The mayor called them a “mob.”  



Coincidently I was in San Antonio on September 20 [2023] at about 5:45pm and decided to go by the Centro de Bienvenida or migrant resource center, managed by Catholic Charities.  The center is located on San Pedro Ave., blocks away from peaceful neighborhoods and North Star Mall.

 I don’t take names; I take photographs. 

The center was extremely busy.   A sea of illegal aliens was pouring into and out of the building.   I spoke to some of the men that were standing outside the entrance of the compound.  What I saw was mostly young men from Venezuela.  

As usual, one person took the lead to speak as I’ve learned from being there before.  We discussed the situation in the center and he revealed that he guesstimated that there were from 1,000 to 3,000 migrants, as he identifies them, inside.  The capacity is 707 and not 1,000 to 3,000.  

Generally I don’t believe too much of what they tell me because they are coached as to what to say and what not to say.  This time other factors told me that it might be true, especially since they were asked to wear masks.  As many times as I’ve been there I’ve never seen masks before.  Inquiring more about the masks from the Venezuelan, he told me that they were asked to wear them because of the number of people being squeezed into such a small space.  The staff was afraid they might get sick and catch an illness.   I asked him well are you sick?  He answered, emphatically no!  

He told me that the people were mostly from Venezuela with some from Cuba, Peru, and Columbia.  He said that it had taken them two months to arrive there and that they had suffered from lack of water and food.  He very much understood his circumstances since he mentioned that our Governor wasn’t happy that they were in Texas.  Out of the several men I spoke to, only one knew that he was heading to New York City. The rest had no idea where they were going. 

There was a young man sitting on the curb with a small girl about the age of three and a woman who he claimed was his wife.  When he said this, the woman turned and gave him a rather surprised look.  It made me wonder if the little girl was really his.  The little girl clung to him though and not the woman.  

He related to me that he was from Venezuela and wanted to go to Austin.  They were very hungry and said that the center only gave them food inside and some clothing but did not give them money to eat supper or breakfast.  

I couldn’t bear seeing the little girl hungry so I relented and gave him enough for two pizzas.  He told me he would share with his Venezuelan compadres.

That day, I saw a degree of desperation that I haven’t seen before from the “migrants.” 

A woman approached me and asked me for money for transportation to go see her friends.  She told me the center had run out of money because she was at the back of the line.  All those in front of her had received money.  Of course, I did not give her money to travel.

That night, the news on KENSTV reported that 700 more migrants had arrived since I had been there.  The reporter, Megan Reyna also said more were expected.   

She spoke to Antonio Fernandez, CEO of Catholic Charities; and he said that there was no room in the center and didn’t know what they were going to do with so many.  He said that this is the most he has seen in a very long time. He asked for donations of clothing and toys for the children. 

If there is “no room at the inn,” the illegals are then forced to sleep in the parking lot or behind the stores adjacent to the center.  

Desperation is a dangerous thing and should be taken seriously. Heaven help us if these young men get so frantic for food that they start going into the surrounding neighborhoods vandalizing, begging, or worse -- hurting the people.  

This is a desperate situation they now find themselves in.  It must be addressed by [San Antonio] Mayor Ron Nirenberg as soon as possible.  Because these illegals have not been properly vetted, we don’t know who they are.  They could be rapists, pedophiles or murderers.    

These are also desperate times for all citizens of Texas since Texans carry the heaviest burden of hosting most of the illegals invading our country.  Texas border towns have been suffering for far too long the consequences of the Open Border policy of the biden administration.  Make no mistake the biden administration wants to transform the United States.  There will be no assimilation of these illegals.

Again, on September 21, I went by the migrant center in San Antonio.  

…It appears that they are working to move as many of the illegals out as possible.  Where, I don’t know.  I did question an employee loading a van as to where they were going and she gave no response.  

While I was there, a huge empty bus drove in to transport more people, but to where?  

I spoke to two men from Venezuela; one was going to Tennessee and had an airline ticket so he said.  The other to Chicago but with no passage.  An attempt was made by me to engage two huge, young, healthy looking Haitians but a language barrier prevented any exchange of information.  They spoke French and headed to the Pizza shop. 

It’s not a secret that Archbishop Gustavo Garcia Siller of the San Antonio archdiocese favors open borders and “migrants.”  It’s commonly known that the archbishop welcomes all migrants to enter illegally into Texas by his famous tweets on X.   

He also admonishes those that, in his opinion, appear to “discriminate” against his cherished migrants.   

He has a problem of not being able to distinguish between those legally seeking asylum and those seeking to either take advantage of our nation’s generosity and those not entitled to be allowed in the U.S.A.  

He also doesn’t seem to recognize the facts that the children entangled in this chaotic open border crisis have enormous nefarious outcomes such as human trafficking and sex trafficking.  

Rape and abortion are rampant among the girls and women who are sex trafficked.  These girls and women are suffering by those smuggling them into the United States. 

Someone with a lot of love and patience to offer should help Archbishop Gustavo comprehend…

The City of San Antonio in partnership with the Federal Emergency Management Agency, FEMA, funds Catholic Charities who manages the migrant center.   This August, FEMA allotted the city $24.5 million to help with the “migrant” situation until September 2025.  In turn, the city allocated $5,688,925 to Catholic Charities to care for the needs of the illegals passing through San Antonio.  There are rumors of a second migrant center in San Antonio that might be provided for them.

There are so many factors that scream out as to how much harm illegal migration is causing Texas’ small towns. Chaos now reigns in all border towns on the Southern border and has spread out throughout the country.   

I have seen and spoken to more Venezuelans than any other nationality…

On September 20 [2023], the Biden administration announced temporary protected legal status to 472,000 Venezuelan migrants who are already in the U.S.  This allows them to legally work in the USA.  

Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas cited political instability in Venezuela as to why this was granted.  The Venezuelans already here cannot safely return home.  According to Mayorkas, “Venezuelans who arrived after July 31, 2023 will be removed from the United States if they don’t have a legal basis to stay.”  Read for yourself the reality of the situation Secretary Mayorkas Announces Extension and Redesignation of Venezuela for Temporary Protected Status | Homeland Security



So there you have it in a nutshell.  

Writing this article has given me pause as I have observed how Americans are losing their fundamental rights.  

Even many elected officials and some Catholic hierarchy do not understand or care what it means to be an American Patriot.  

In our society today, Americans aren’t first but are the last to receive help or support.     

And Venezuelans are here to stay.  All those young men I saw and with whom I spoke will be allowed to roam free in our country…acting like they are citizens.  

Did you know that Venezuela has a high rate of violence and their homicide rate is the highest in the world?  God help us!



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