9.22.22 – “How the Trans Movement Misrepresents Science To Harm Children”

By Child Psychologist, Dr. Miriam Grossman – interview by Joshua Philipp of Epoch Times

Two children sitting on a roof looking at the sky


A few main points in the interview:

Such things as puberty blockers have been used in the past for very rare physical conditions, and puberty blockers and cutting off body parts are non-reversible.

Decisions made by children as young as eight years old are leading to physical, emotional, and mental health problems for a lifetime.

In the last one to two years, countries such as England, Sweden, Finland, France, Belgium, New Zealand, and Australia are waving a big red flag and are now trying to protect their kids.

Unfortunately, many U. S. professionals are saying that gender dysphoria is a “done deal.” There is no consensus. Trans is not a “done deal.” Dr. Grossman said there is no consensus among the medical/scientific field about trans. Those in the United States who wish to speak out are being silenced instead of allowing free discussion, debate, sharing of the latest data, etc.

Gender dysphoria in the past was extremely rare. The term “trans rapid onset gender identity (ROGD)” is only a current phenomenon and is occurring because children are being exposed to experiences such as pornography or “friend groups” where trans is being pushed.

The Danish protocol studies were done on a small number of children who had rare problems; and no control groups normally used in scientific, medical research for comparison were utilized. Now those same treatments in the Danish protocol are being mainstreamed and applied to the general population of children in the United States.

Dr. Grossman recommends people seek help from the following, excellent sources:




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