“School Choice and/or Public Vouchers – What Is Lurking in the Background?”

By Donna Garner

With the Texas Legislature perhaps being brought back into a special session in Oct. 2023 by Gov. Abbott to decide on “school choice” and or “public vouchers” legislation, I believe it is important to state my position.  

As a Texas classroom teacher for more than 33 years and as someone who has been highly involved in education issues on the state and national scene for decades, I do not take the issues of “school choice” and/or “public vouchers” lightly.  Over these years, I have heard the many arguments pro and con; but I do not often hear what I consider to be the REAL ISSUES being given serious consideration. 

Side note: During my many years of teaching, I have taught in almost all types of school environments – public, private, homeschool, public college, and online. My husband (who was a teacher/coach before he passed away), and I moved 14 times and taught in many different types of teaching situations.    

Below are four articles posted on my website – DonnaGarner.org – that deserve deep thought by legislators and by the public before any important decisions are made.   

2.18.23 -- “School Choice and Nationally Normed Tests” -- By Donna Garner -- https://donnagarner.org/2-18-23-school-choice-and-nationally-normed-tests-by-donna-garner/

3.20.23 – “Possible Major Problem with School Choice, Voucher Bills in Tex. Lege” -- By Donna Garner -- https://donnagarner.org/3-20-23-possible-major-problem-with-school-choice-voucher-bills-in-tex-lege/

1.17.23 – “The Only Answer for America: Type #1 for All Classrooms -- Cannot Be Mixed – Just Like Oil and Water” – by Donna Garner -- https://donnagarner.org/only-two-types-of-education-type-1-vs-type-2-cannot-mix-oil-water-4-27-22/

8.31.22 -- “Teaching the Public To Recognize Good from Bad Curriculum Standards and Curriculum” -- By Donna Garner -- https://donnagarner.org/teaching-the-public-to-recognize-good-from-bad-curriculum-standards-and-curriculum/