9.29.23 – Thread Reader

“Sixth Circuit Delivers Devastating Blow to Trans Activists”

By Matt Walsh 

[Please go to Matt’s article to see the documented evidence of the actual wording by the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals -- https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1707832888832479247.html ]


(1) Last night, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals delivered a devastating ruling for the trans cult. No other court decision has so thoroughly dismantled, point-by-point, every disingenuous argument from trans activists.

The case arose because of laws in TN & KY banning the use of puberty blockers & sterilizing cross-sex hormones on kids. 

(2) The laws were passed after my reporting on Vanderbilt’s gender clinic, and how they see some gender “treatments” as big money makers. x.com/MattWalshBlog/…


[9.20.22 – “Investigation of Vanderbilt Transgender Clinic” – by Matt Walsh -- https://donnagarner.org/9-20-22-investigation-of-vanderbilt-transgender-clinic/ ]


(3) Trans activists were apoplectic. The ACLU went to court. Initially, they convinced a judge to block it. I said at the time that the judge’s ruling was terrible & would be overturned. But admittedly, I had no idea how bad it would be for the trans cult.

(4) First, the ruling establishes that voters have the right to ban medical procedures they believe are immoral or dangerous. That’s true regardless of what the “experts” at Big Pharma say.

(5) Then the court explains that voters have very good reason to believe that so-called “gender-affirming care” – including puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones – is dangerous. The court notes that many countries have started banning them.

(6) The court goes on to state that WPATH – the standard-setting organization for “trans healthcare” – counseled against using hormones and puberty blockers on minors from 1979 to 2000. Even now, WPATH admits there is “limited data” supporting their use.

(7) Indeed, we learned this month that previous UK data justifying the use of puberty blockers was wildly misleading. A new analysis of this data showed that a third of so-called trans youth suffered mental health problems after taking puberty blockers.

A third of transgender children on puberty blockers suffered mental health problems, study reveals Analysis of original research did not pinpoint psychological problems with youngsters taking the drugs -- https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2023/09/19/tavistock-gender-puberty-blockers-mental-health-study-trans/

(8) In their attempt to win the case despite this evidence, the ACLU claimed that “transgender people” are a special category entitled to unique protections under the Constitution & argued that any law affecting only “trans” people is akin to a law affecting only black people. 

(9) The point of this strategy is to subvert the will of the voters. But to make this argument, the ACLU had to make a series of arguments that backfired massively, and created precedent that will be devastating for trans activists for years to come. 

(10)  First, the ACLU claimed that the trans community is a “politically powerless” group that’s being unfairly treated. The court pointed out that when every major law firm, the feds, and medical organizations are on your side, you are not marginalized.

(11)  The ACLU also attempted to argue that transgender status is “immutable,” like being born with a certain skin color. But the Sixth Circuit observed that the meaning of “transgender” status is constantly changing. Every day there’s a new gender.

(12)  So there’s no special treatment for trans activists. Precedent set. But the Sixth Circuit wasn’t done. They also ripped apart the familiar argument that parents should be allowed to do whatever they want with their kids. 

(13)  As the Sixth Circuit pointed out, that’s completely illogical. You have to look specifically at what parents are doing to their children. Being a parent doesn’t give you the right to mutilate your child.

(14)  Much of this is common sense, but until now, it hasn’t been clearly articulated by a federal appeals court. Given the makeup of the Supreme Court, this ruling will likely stand, no matter how much the ACLU screams into the void… 

(15)  This is a major win for the voices of sanity & for millions of children. Trans activists have relied on too many disingenuous & self-contradictory arguments for too long. Now it’s all falling apart. If we keep up the fight, soon there won’t be anything left of transgenderism.