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“Doctor:  Americans Must Respond with Faith over Fear to Biden’s Attempts at Control”

By Dr. Susan Berry, PhD

Excerpts from this article: 



A Wilbraham, Massachusetts-based physician who has used early treatment protocols to treat his patients with the COVID-19 virus warns Americans must present a very different response to government’s continued attempts to control the people than what occurred during the pandemic.

John Diggs, M.D. said during a recent podcast interview that, in 2020, America succumbed to an authoritarian government and public health agencies, abandoning our faith, our constitutional freedoms, and just plain “common sense.”

In his direct primary care practice in internal medicine, Diggs has been treating his patients who suffered from the COVID-19 virus early on when other physicians instructed them to stay at home and head to the hospital when they developed breathing problems.

He told North Carolina-based Rev. Dr. Johnny Hunter, host of the podcast Just Common Sense, that the title of his show makes a central point about the pandemic:

{Because there's sense, and then there's common sense, and common sense is becoming less common. And I think part of it is not because it's actually less common, but because people are told that their common sense doesn't make any sense. And that's a problem.}

Since 2020, Diggs continued, Americans have been told “they cannot do what is right,” i.e., cannot exercise their spiritual freedom to do what is right.

“So, this is where the rubber hits the road … and what I found is this: from the medical point of view, doctors were prevented from doing what was right,” he explained. “People would offer legitimate consenting, legitimate dissenting opinions, and they were told not only that their opinions are wrong, but also that they can't even speak their opinions, and if you do speak your opinion, you are threatened with losing your medical license.”

“And this is, at least in part, why so many patients have come not to trust the doctors,” Diggs observed, noting the distortion of the medical profession as the pandemic continued. “Patients don't trust doctors because they're seeing that doctors do not perform as doctors are supposed to perform. Doctors are trained in physiology, pathophysiology, pharmacology, how things work, how they don't work, anatomy, etc. And the purpose of this training is so we can apply our skill, our knowledge and our experience to do what's best for the person in front of us.”

“Meanwhile, you have big entities, primarily public health ones, such as the Centers for Disease Control, the various boards of medicine, who are supposed to oversee the doctors, telling them that the doctors cannot use those skills to do what they think is best,” he explained. “They must only follow guidelines. Well, who makes up the guidelines? The people who make up the guidelines are simply other doctors who have some of the very same training, but they're presenting themselves, they’re positing themselves as some sort of super doctors that know something that no other doctor knows.”

He described the common scenario during the pandemic in which sick patients who suspected they might have COVID would call their doctor’s office for an appointment:

{And what does the doctor say? Don't come in! Don’t come into the office! Since when have doctors run away from disease? When there was yellow fever, we went to where the yellow fever was; when there was HIV. we went to where the HIV was. My training started at the beginning of the HIV era. There was no time that, to the patient who said, I think of I have HIV, the doctor said don't come in, don't come to the hospital, don't come to the office!}

“Suddenly doctors are not able to use their own brain, their own knowledge, the opinions of people from around the world, other physicians from all over the place,” he expressed the frustration he experienced. “We've been told we can only do what the CDC says. You can't use this medicine. You can't use that medicine.”

Diggs said he treated more than 800 people for COVID, and relied on his faith in God and the freedom God gives to do what is right to persevere through challenges by his local medical board.

“I had people calling me from all over the place to get treatment for COVID because their doctors would do nothing,” he said. “So, what God gave me was the freedom to do what is right. It wasn't free for me, in the sense that I have been challenged by the local medical board for doing what I thought was right based on the literature – not simply based on the CDC with some limited doctors who have their own hidden agendas, their own economic incentives, to tell us what to do.”

…patients were told to ‘just go home and treat it like a bad cold until you can't breathe anymore. Then you go to the hospital. You go to the hospital and what does the hospital do? The hospital has an incentive to put you on a ventilator. They get a lot more money if you end up on a ventilator.”

Similarly, Diggs highlighted that only after Pfizer came up with a drug to treat COVID did CDC decide it was good to treat infected people.

…Diggs sized up the situation that ultimately evolved in “common sense” language:

{People who were sitting in offices who may not have seen a patient for 20 years, or may not have even been M.D.s, were telling doctors what to do. Administrators in hospitals were telling doctors what to do because they had a financial incentive for people to be on ventilators. They had a financial incentive for patients to receive certain drugs. And they also had legal protection from any bad outcomes. If you follow the protocols that were put out by the CDC, no matter the outcome on your patient, you had no medical legal liability.}

Those doctors who pushed back were attacked, he said, including himself. Diggs said his faith in God helped him to persevere.

“God gave me the freedom to do what I thought was right,” he asserted. “And that's what's happened. To this date, he has protected me from some of the consequences of going against the medical establishment.”

But Diggs warned his fellow doctors that the fight is not over, as government authorities are again ramping up fear over COVID and Joe Biden is pushing Congress for additional funds for another round of vaccine shots.

Masks have also been mandated in some places, especially schools.

Diggs noted that some doctors who followed the CDC narrative had been under the impression, “We’ll be able to go back to practicing medicine as soon as this pandemic is over.”

“No. When you bow the knee to tyranny, tyranny takes over,” with the government becoming accustomed to, and “very comfortable with telling other people what to do,” Diggs warned. “So, doctors will lose their freedom unless they start standing up. And one of the worst things about this is that the organizations that are supposed to represent us are not; they are representing centralized control of human beings.”

“That is the core of communism: centralized control,” he observed. “The best control is self-control, which means each of us controls ourselves, not having some centralized authority, especially a flawed jealous vindictive, human authority.”

Hunter, who serves as president of the pro-life Life Education and Resource Network (L.E.A.R.N.), said that, in a Marxist society, people quickly find out that “you either comply or they try to eliminate you.”

Diggs said he believes God was involved in the writing of the Constitution, and that the closure of schools, businesses, and churches during the pandemic made clear to middle-class America what the current government considers to be “essential.” And, clearly, it was not the protection of First Amendment rights.

“I don't think people have realized that what they did by complying was to embolden these folks,” he said, warning:

{They're gonna be back and you better have a different response, or you will end up in the concentration camps like they had in Australia. That's what happened in an English speaking country. People were put into concentration camps in what you see in communist China. In the West, the Western countries were imitating the draconian lockdown measures that they had in communist China. And since we're now back to going to the movies we forgot all about that. But we as a population better have a better response to these dictates than what we had over the last few years.}

Diggs calls on Americans to renew their faith to prepare for that “better response.”

“It's got to be faith over fear,” he asserted. “If it’s not, then you don't have faith. But, this is not blind faith. This is faith that’s been tested by time. It's been proven through history; has been proven through archaeology, that the Lord Jesus Christ, the very Son of God, came here in the flesh, and He came to give us freedom. If the people of God don't act free, then nobody else will.”