1.4.21 – Renew America

“Ascent of the Killjoys”
By Cherie Zaslawsky


[Published with permission from the author]


Excerpts from this article: http://www.renewamerica.com/columns/zaslawsky/210104

How did you like life in 2020 America? That’s an important question, because if the Dems’ blatant theft of our election is not overturned and Biden manages to lurch into office, 2020 will soon start looking good.

No one needs to be reminded of the tragedy of so many beloved small businesses closing permanently, or children being deprived of their normal school routines, or Americans locked out of their places of worship and of all manner of entertainment. It’s almost as it someone didn’t want us to have any fun—or any freedom. So let’s take a quick look at a few exhibits of the “Do as I say, not as I do” phenomenon during the Coronavirus lockdowns.

As you may recall, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was caught on surveillance video having her hair done in a salon that was closed to the public. Infuriated to have been filmed violating the state’s rules, Pelosi went on offense, calling out her attack dogs to hound the salon owner into shutting down her business and leaving town.

And then there’s Scarf Lady Deborah Birx, who’d been adjuring us to stay home and have a miserable, lonely Thanksgiving in order to, um…”stay safe,” while she traveled to Delaware to have Thanksgiving with her extended family. She was so taken aback by the flack she received from outraged Americans, that she’s retiring from the public stage. I count that as a win for We the People.

But Governor Newsom gets the prize for the most infuriating case of flouting COVID restrictions—since he ordered them! Gavin was caught hosting a lavish dinner party at one of the most exclusive restaurants in the country: The French Laundry. You can see him in a photo with some ten or twelve others, at a party for his chief lobbyist. Funny thing, in frank violation of his lockdown orders, the guests traveled quite a distance to get to the hideaway restaurant in the wine country’s sleepy town of Yountville. There was no “social distancing,” none of them wore masks, and they were from a number of different households mingling together – all of which liberties were forbidden for ordinary tax-paying Californians. But Newsom assured us that he’d thought the dinner—in a swank, private room with elegant chandeliers—was to be “outdoors” and that he and his wife paid for their meal. Whew! That should make it OK, right?

What makes Gavin’s jaunt all the more outrageous is that this dinner feted top lobbyists for…wait for it…the California Medical Association! These guys are surely Newsom’s partners-in-crime who can be counted on to provide a steady stream of fear-mongering faux “facts” the Governor can cite to rationalize whatever egregious abrogations of our rights he chooses to implement.

All three of these public officials came up with “excuses:” Pelosi claimed to have been “set up,” Newsom thought the $15,000 dinner was a picnic, and Birx said she traveled to Delaware because her parents had stopped eating—besides, she had to winterize the home. Well, that explains it!

But let me be clear: I’m not arguing that we should all tow the line, stay home, wear masks, forgo beauty salons and dining out—rather the opposite! We the People need to reclaim the aspects of normal life from the tyrants who’ve usurped them, and who now treat them as their unique privileges.

A pox on their New Normal!

The above are only a few examples of officials flouting the rules they inflict on the rest of us, and they are not flukes. “Hypocrites!” scream the incensed members of the public.

Beyond Hypocrisy

But I’d like to offer another explanation. There is an element of hypocrisy, yes—they clearly don’t believe it is dangerous to go maskless, or to travel, or to congregate with friends or families—that’s just a ruse they employ to control the public. But their behavior goes far beyond simple hypocrisy. When they continue to live the good life they’ve denied to the rest of us, they’re simply doing what dictators, members of Communist Politburos, and a host of other oligarchs do: they create two vastly disparate sets of rules. For themselves, it’s luxury, riches, multiple mansions, ill-gotten gains, do-what-you-like freedom. For the peasants, serfs, slaves, the captive populace—that’s us—it’s austerity, indefinite detention, shortages, life under oppression and governmental control, and general misery.

I don’t call that hypocrisy—I call it taking sadistic pleasure in causing others to suffer. It is the hallmark of Socialism, Communism, Fascism, and totalitarianism of all stripes. And now, thanks to a number of mostly Democrat Governors inflicting draconian lockdowns on their citizens, Americans are beginning to learn what tyranny tastes like, and why people from Socialist/Communist countries have so desperately yearned to flee to America—the erstwhile land of liberty and opportunity.

Socialism’s Dirty Little Secret

Many people have pointed out that the evil twins Socialism and Communism are to be avoided at all cost because they have never worked anywhere they’ve been tried. Just look at Venezuela. How about the former Soviet Union? East Germany under Communism? Cuba? North Korea? All failed states! Communism and Socialism just don’t work!

Well, once again, I beg to differ. I think they not only work, but work so well that the NWO globalist elites want to install them permanently. These top-down totalitarian systems just don’t work for ordinary people—you know, people like us—who want to live and let live, to be free to pursue their happiness.

This was Orwell’s point in his classic satiric fable Animal Farm, where the pigs engineer a “reset” on the farm, using a coup d’état to oust farmer Jones and then institute their socialist utopia. Sound familiar? It should.

The Animal Farm Utopia

In most schools, students read Orwell, but miss the point. As a private teacher who works with high school students, I like to give an assignment asking them to explain the difference between a utopia and a dystopia. Very few figure it out. Here comes the spoiler: they’re one and the same. But how can that be? Ask yourself this question: who gets to determine just what the utopia will be like? Those are the rulers/elites—Orwell’s pigs. And it is THEIR utopia. At the same time, it is a hellish dystopia for everyone else.

And that is why I say Socialism and Communism work just fine, and exactly as intended. They just don’t work for We the People. They work for the elites who set them up in the first place. It is only the terminally naïve (AOC) or the conniving and unscrupulous (long list here, but let’s start with Kalumny Harris) who tell us that other nations got it wrong and they’ll get it right.

Why Trump’s Victory Is Our Last Best Hope

Why does this matter? Because our present-day facsimiles of Orwell’s pigs are attempting to oust President Trump and plunge America into a dystopia that will shock even the useful idiot Liberals who try so faithfully to be politically correct. They’ve been diligently kowtowing to BLM Communists, agreeing with all the propaganda that comes from on high including defunding the police who protect their families, letting their sons be castrated so they can pretend they’re girls, voting for politicians who support killing full-term babies—i.e. infanticide, etc. Shouldn’t they be rewarded for such a display of virtue and solidarity with the Progressive agenda?

They will be surprised when they’re treated just as Napoleon, the ruling pig, treated Boxer, the faithful, hardworking horse in Animal Farm. And in case you haven’t read, or don’t recall this powerful indictment of Communism by Orwell, a former Leftist, here’s the spoiler: Napoleon sends Boxer off to the glue factory.

America under Socialism/Communism as a vassal state of the New World Order is an ugly future to contemplate—but contemplate it we must, because this is exactly what’s at stake in our stolen election. The Democrats, Big Media, Big Tech, Chinese Communists, Never-Trumpers, RINOs, and the NWO globalist elites “voted” for Beijing Biden. The American people voted for Donald Trump. Either Trump remains in office as our duly elected President who won in a landslide, and the cheaters are indicted for felonies including sedition and, in some cases, high treason—or we’re going the way of all “successful” Socialist/Communist countries. In that case, move over, Venezuela.

© Cherie Zaslawsky