Biden and Psaki: Eat Your Words”
By Donna Garner

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I hate to break it to Biden and Jen Psaki, but Texas Gov. Greg Abbott knew exactly what he was doing when he started the increased inspections of trucks crossing the border from Mexico. Through these increased inspections, 25% of the trucks so far have been shown to have brake problems; other problems with faulty tires and engine parts have led to these trucks being stopped at the border to make sure that, for instance, a little child in the United States who may be crossing the street is not hit by a dangerous truck from Mexico.

These increased inspections by Texas are also trying to stop the smuggling of fentanyl and human trafficking. Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid that can be put in powders, nasal sprays, and pressed into pills to make them look like common meds.  As little as .02 milligrams of fentanyl can kill a person.  Anne Milgram (DEA Administrator) recently announced that China is providing the fentanyl chemicals to the Mexican cartels so that they can mass-produce fake prescription drugs that look like Aspirin, Tylenol, Oxy, Percocet, etc.  

Note to Biden and Jen Psaki:  From its inception, one of the side benefits of Gov. Abbott’s plan was deliberately to create havoc at the border to get the attention of the Mexican governors so that Mexico will do its part to stop the illegal trafficking into Texas from the Mexican side of the border.  

Since it is Biden who has decided to end Title 42 enforcement in May, Texas has had to take the matter into its own hands to stop the 150,000 illegal aliens per month (who are crossing our southern border). Otherwise, those numbers will increase to 500,000 illegals per month!  Since Biden is trying to destroy America, Gov. Abbott decided to utilize Mexico as a tool to counter Biden’s plan.   

Sure enough, by making the Mexican truckers spend up to 15 hours waiting to get their trucks across the border (sometimes with the contents of fresh fruits and vegetables spoiling), it did not take but a couple of days for Mexican Gov. Samuel Alejandro García Sepulveda of neighboring Nuevo Leon to get the point.

Yesterday Abbott and Sepulveda signed a memorandum of understanding.  Sepulveda will try to stop the illegal immigrants and the illegal shipments on his side of the border, and the usual random truck inspections on the Texas side will be put back into place for the trucks crossing from Nuevo Leon. Now every governor in Mexico has contacted Gov. Abbott to set up similar meetings.

Mission accomplished, Biden and Jen Psaki.”

Yes, Gov. Abbott’s plan is working; and Americans are not stupid.  They know it is Biden and his far leftist agenda that are causing the supply chain problems which started up long before Gov. Abbott announced his plan to try to protect America.


In a world so full of gloom and doom, it has actually been a bit of “comic relief” to watch Biden/Jen Psaki eat their words. They were the ones who accused Gov. Abbott of creating a publicity stunt by saying that he would bus/fly the illegals to the steps of the Capitol. Yesterday two buses rolled into D. C. with many more on the way.

Since Biden has caused the open border problems and he has never come down to the Texas border to see for himself what those massive problems are, Gov. Abbott is now letting him and his leftist cronies in Congress see the realities of the illegal aliens up-close-and-personal.