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Common Sense Tidbits from Donna Garner”
By Donna Garner

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Excerpts from this article:


TIDBIT #1:  The same pollsters such as Washington Post/ABC who predicted Hillary would win over Trump by at least 12 points have now come out with the same “junk” polls to say that “Donald Trump’s approval rating is down to 40 percent just ahead of his inauguration…the most unpopular incoming president since at least Jimmy Carter.” 

FACT:  The left-driven pollsters deliberately oversample Democrats vs. Republicans. Obviously, if more Democrats are sampled, then the results predictably favor the Democrats.

Another huge factor is that these polls are largely done by telephone. Nowadays, caller ID and blocked iPhone capabilities keep pollsters from reaching most hard-working people who are simply too busy to take polling calls. Guess who that leaves for pollsters to contact!


TIDBIT #2:  Some 50 Congressional Democrats have said they are not going to attend the Presidential Inauguration, putting their own selfish partisanship above the importance of honoring our country’s Constitutional tradition of peaceful transition from one President to the next.

FACT: In my way of thinking, having these 50 bitter Democrats stay away will create a much healthier and joyful atmosphere for the Inauguration, one in which we can all look ahead to the future under Donald Trump when American exceptionalism will be honored once again.


 TIDBIT #3: A new day is coming with the purging of Obamacare from our country.

 FACT:  In September 2015, Obama’s Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) changed the meaning of “sex” to include “termination of pregnancy” and “gender identity.”  This meant that for medical providers to receive Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement payments, they had to perform abortions and gender reassignment surgeries.

As explained by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton when his office filed a lawsuit against the federal government, “The example my office cited in its complaint was a hysterectomy. Should a hospital perform a hysterectomy on a woman suffering from endometrial cancer, it would also be obliged to perform a hysterectomy to treat gender dysphoria.”

TAG Paxton also stated in his lawsuit that religious nonprofits would lose their Medicare/Medicaid reimbursement payments if hospitals such as Franciscan Health (a Catholic healthcare network) refused to perform gender transition services even though they follow the Catholic Church’s teaching that “sexual identity is an objective fact, rooted in nature…gender transition services are not in keeping with the best interest of the patient.”