5.9.22 – CHD

“COVID Vaccine Injury Ends Surgeon’s 20-Year Career”
In an interview on CHD.TV’s “The People’s Testaments,” Dr. Joel Wallskog described how he was diagnosed with transverse myelitis after getting the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, and why he now devotes his time to helping others injured by the vaccine.
By Susan C. Olmstead


[COMMENTS FROM DONNA GARNER: I thought after I read this article that there was no need for me to watch the interview with Dr. Joel Wallskog because what else could I learn?  I was wrong.

This compelling video as told by Dr. Wallskog is not just another story. His utterly honest retelling of his own experiences is jarring; but they are more than that. He does not simply tell about his own COVID vaccine injuries. He opens up the world of medicine to the viewer with total honesty and explains what it is like to be a part of the medical healthcare system. He does not do this out of bitterness, and he is not after any monetary benefits because he is financially stable.  

Dr. Wallskog is embarrassed and frustrated with his fellow healthcare professionals who are driven by money – so much so that they have refused to follow the medical science. He names names and blames himself and others who should have known better. 

He said that in 25 years with the flu vaccine, there have been 197,000 adverse reactions.  IN THE FIRST YEAR of the COVID vaccines, there were over 1,000,000 (one million) adverse reactions.

Most all vaccines have taken 10 years to develop; the COVID vaccine took 131 days.

He explains that the monetary incentive for the medical/pharmaceutical community has led even good physicians and scientists to “look the other way” – all following Dr. Fauci almost mindlessly.

Both the interviewer (Stephanie Locricchio) and Dr. Wallskog lay out their tremendous compassion to help COVID-vaccine-injured people who do not have the financial resources to seek help.  Dr. Wallskog, his wife, and other caring people have set up REACT 19 – not to receive any monetary gain for themselves but to work with both patients and providers as well as research teams.

REACT 19 offers help in three categories:  “Programs include funding, promoting, and sharing relevant scientific research; bringing the right medical teams together with patients; direct financial assistance; educational outreach; and supporting communities where impacted people can begin to heal physically and emotionally.”

Very importantly, Dr. Wallskog is absolutely committed to forcing the public health hierarchy to acknowledge that the COVID-19 vaccine injuries are real; and he sincerely believes some of them will be prosecuted under the law because of their unethical and malicious actions.

PLEASE READ THE ARTICLE AND SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM OF THE CHD ARTICLE TO SEE VIDEO): https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/covid-vaccine-injury-ends-surgeons-career/