"Disastrous Ruling in Texas by Little-Known Court Would Turn Texas Blue"
From Donna Garner

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​Excerpts from this article:


The reality is that if Texas goes Blue, then Texas and also the Presidency will be lost for many years to come.

The Dems have announced over and over that they “are changing the rules.”  What did the Dems do?  They brought a lawsuit against the Texas Attorney General to take away his power to prosecute voter fraud cases.

A little-known court called the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals (TCCA – 8 out of 9 are Republicans) gave its ruling over the weekend.

Texas has two higher courts.  The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals  (TCCA) is the court of last resort for CRIMINAL matters in Texas.  The 8 judges and 1 presiding judge are elected by the public.  

The Texas Supreme Court (TSC – 5 out of 9 are Republicans) is the court of last resort in Texas for CIVIL matters. The 8 justices and 1 chief justice are elected by the people.

This last weekend, the TCCA ruled that Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton must get permission first from local district attorneys before being able to prosecute cases of voter fraud. 

Vastly wealthy leftist George Soros has funded the campaigns of leftist DA’s, and many of the biggest counties/cities in Texas are run by those Soros supported (Dallas, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, etc.).  To fool the voting public, most of these are Dems who ran as Repubs.  

The TCCA has a very tight relationship with district attorneys.  The public, the TAG, and most lawyers in Texas do not even know the judges on the TCCA nor the powers they wield.  

This new ruling from the TCCA has ignored what has been settled law in Texas for 70 years (that the TAG has authority to prosecute voter fraud).

Since 2005, the TAG has prosecuted 130 people for voter fraud. When TAG Paxton came into office in 2015, the legislature had funded only one full-time prosecutor; now the legislature has funded four full-time prosecutors.

TAG Paxton right now has over 500 counts of voter fraud waiting for the courts, and several hundred other cases are under investigation.

TAG Paxton is trying to figure out how to appeal the TCCA’s ruling and put it back in the hands of the TSC.  If the TCCA ruling is left in place, it will be very hard statewide for any Republicans to win in November 2022. The end result would be disaster for Texas and also for the Presidency.  

WARNING FOR VOTERS:  “Bad elections have bad consequences.”  We have to make sure that people who say they are Republicans are authentic conservatives before we cast our votes for them.  We must get involved right now in locating and supporting conservative candidates up and down the ballot.

We also need to pray for TAG Paxton and his team as they try to figure out a way to defeat this TCCA ruling and the Dems/Soros cabal.

To learn more, please go to this interview on Stinchfield’s show with TAG Ken Paxton on 12.21.21: https://www.newsmaxtv.com/Shows/Stinchfield/vid/1_2vqceneg