Do Not Need Tracing/Tracking of COVID” 
By Donna Garner

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I do not believe that our country nor our state should spend one penny of taxpayers’ hard-earned dollars to set up a new and ever-expanding public health agency to track/trace COVID-19.  Why even have this tracking and tracing?  In the near future, nearly all Americans will most likely have been exposed in one way or another to COVID. Are the trackers/tracers going to notify every American each time he/she has been exposed?  Why bother when 98% of people who contract COVID will survive just fine; 25% to 50% of people who contract it will have no symptoms at all. People younger than 65 to 70 hardly ever get it, and children almost never get it. 

I heard Rush Limbaugh this morning say something such as, “Our country has 1.3% of its population living in nursing home facilities, yet 43% of the COVID deaths came from nursing homes.”

This means that by learning how to control the hot spots for COVID (e.g., jails, mass transit subways/busses, nursing homes, meat packing plants), we can bring COVID under control without the use of tracking/tracing of every American citizen.

Apple is already getting our iPhones ready through its 13.5 IOS update to ease right into the new Google/Apple tracking/tracing apps which would allow government agencies to know exactly where we are located each moment 24/7.  This would be similar to what is being done in Communist China.  The end result of tracing/tracking is loss of our personal freedom for no really sensible reasons that apply to COVID. 

We have been told many things that did not turn out to be true about COVID; and I believe that the urgency of tracking/tracing belongs in that same pile of hyped-up, fear-driven, error-filled info that the Democrats and public health bureaucracy have been spewing since the inception of this crisis. What started out as a health crisis has ended up as a politically driven agenda to destroy Pres. Trump and his amazing economy.  

The good news is that with the impact money and the renewed sense of freedom from the lockdowns, the American public and its economy are going to come soaring back all at one time – not slowly as in past recessions. 

The third quarter starts in July with the fourth quarter coming at the beginning of October – right before the Nov. 2020 elections.  This will be just in time to elect Pres. Trump to four more years in office and to take back both the House and the Senate with strong majorities of Republicans – hopefully conservative Republicans.