Dr. Kelly Victory, MD: COVID Is Real, Stats Are Not”
By Donna Garner



Dr. Kelly Victory believes COVID-19 is real but that the stats are not!

[Please watch the video of Dr. Kelly Victory posted further on down the page.]

Dr. Victory is an experienced M. D. who is a board-certified specialist in trauma and emergency care.  She is also a specialist in public health and emergency preparedness. (Please see her bio at the bottom of the page.) 

In her interview on 7.11.20, Dr. Victory answered very pertinent questions.


The stats on cases are basically meaningless because:

(1)  the same person could have many of the nasal swab tests done on numerous days while waiting anxiously to go back to work; each time the test is done, it is reported to the CDC.

(2)  positive antibody tests are also reported often for the same person.

(3) “presumed positive” numbers are reported as cases based solely on symptoms rather than on confirmed COVID-19 tests.

Never in the history of public health have so many people been tested (over 100,000 a day in the U. S.) when they are not presenting any symptoms of being sick.  Because of the large numbers of tests being given and the way the results are being reported, the stats are corrupted. 


Dr. Victory is on conference calls each week with doctors and healthcare personnel from all over the country.  Everyone is reporting the same thing:  Large numbers of their hospitalized patients are victims of “COVID lateral damage.”  These are people who should have gone to the ER, for instance, for heart attacks that happened weeks ago but who were afraid to go for fear of catching COVID. 

CEO’s from the Cleveland and Mayo Clinics have stated that more deaths are occurring because of our nation’s “response” rather than from COVID itself.


Dr. Victory said she believes it is critical for students to go back to school. Children (students under 18 years of age) have almost a 0% chance of becoming significantly ill from COVID. 

The CDC reported two weeks ago that only 28 deaths had occurred from COVID in people under 18 in the entire U. S.

Students are not vectors for spreading the disease (e.g., to their elderly family members and/or their teachers) because those under 18 have amazingly strong T-cells that fight off the virus; and they only carry a 25% viral load.

The elderly and high-risk populations need to be sheltered, but it is not right for the rest of the United States to have to be quarantined.


Dr. Victory likened the dire situation to a person driving a speed boat who is so distracted that he/she zig zags helplessly trying to cross the lake.  By the public being captivated with the case numbers of COVID and the hyped-up reporting almost minute-by-minute, the public is becoming obsessed and depressed; they are living in fear as they “zig zag helplessly trying to cross the lake.”


When asked by the questioner, Dr. Victory stated emphatically that the public health response to COVID has been really “bad.”



***Here is the 24:49 minute YouTube of “A Conversation with Dr. Kelly Victory” produced on 7.11.20:  https://youtu.be/A2rbIDYczvY 


Dr. Kelly Victory – Bio

BS from Duke Univ. and MD from the U. of North Carolina

Board certified trauma and emergency specialist with over 15 years of clinical experience

CMO for large company -- delivered on-site healthcare for the employees and their families of Fortune 500 companies

Expert in disaster preparedness and the medical management of mass casualties

Member of the Leadership Council at Harvard School of Public Health (Harvard School of Public Health and Kennedy School of Government) to train leaders on national disaster preparedness and response

Teacher of courses for first responders, community leaders, and organizations to limit casualties and enhance resiliency